Bolero Cigars

Crafted by the folks over at Swisher International, the Bolero Lonsdale is a high-quality, value-priced cigar for any smoker searching for the next great puro. Featuring a medium-bodied smoke, this Honduran gem is sure to make an impression.

Characteristic of a puro, the tobacco used to design the Bolero cigar is completely grown and harvested in Honduras. In addition, the blend is composed of meticulously aged long-fillers, a smooth binder and an attractive light brown wrapper. It looks as distinguished as it tastes. Notes of slight spice are released along with other hearty, seasoned flavors in order to create a truly enjoyable smoking experience.

The Bolero cigar is an appropriate cigar for all enthusiasts and smokers of any experience level. For less than a dollar a cigar, you aren’t going to find a better value than this Bolero cigar.