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Every year that we’ve held Smokin’ in the Carolinas, someone has shown up at the gate looking to buy a ticket because they waited until the last minute. And every year we have to politely say that the event is sold out. Don’t be “that guy.” Or there’s the guy whose buddies all bought tickets when they first went on sale, but he procrastinated until the last minute. He calls us up in a panic, a week before the event, pleading to get just one ticket. We have to politely tell him that we sold out weeks ago. Don’t be “that guy.” Get details on the event on the inside back cover of this catalog or check out our website. And order your tickets now!

Though many people think of Memorial Day as the start of the BBQ season, let’s not forget to give thanks to the men and women who have served and continue to serve in our armed forces. JR donates lots of cigars to our service members and we took the time to talk with some of them recently to find out why cigars are so sought after other than the obvious smoking pleasure they bring (see page 65).

This month’s cover feature is the new StarCrossed Dark from Romeo y Julieta (page 1). The original StarCrossed brand has sold exceptionally well for us and the new Dark was developed because we wanted a Romeo that featured one of the hottest wrappers out there, Ecuadorian Habano. This cigar is stronger than its predecessor with a nice sweetness and a smooth flavor profile. If you liked the original and want something with a bit more kick, give this new release a try.

Finally, we have been adding more new boutique brands... and I think sometime soon we need to put a good article in here detailing just what we mean by “boutique.” It’s a word that is thrown around quite casually and seems to mean something different to everyone. But I digress. We have added Warped (page 23), La Palina (page 21) and Pedro Martin (page 38). While some of these have been out for a while and not new to you, they are new to this catalog and we want to make sure to call some attention to them. Who knows, you might see them and decide to check out a box... or two... or three.

Enjoy this months contents and I’ll see you again next month.

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-The JR Cigar Expert