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Greetings, JR Customers!

It’s Father’s Day again! If your dad, brother, husband, or anyone else you know is a dad who enjoys relaxing with a fine cigar, we have got you covered. Of course, the big deal is our cover deal: buy a box of Romeo y Julieta on pages 2 and 3, and we will give you a box of 15 smokes by Don Diego, Gispert, or SaintLuis Rey Reserva Especial. And we’re not saying that you have to tell dad that his beautiful box of Romeos came with a box of DonDiego Robusto; if you want to keep that one for yourself, who are we to judge?


If that special person prefers to mix it up and not stick with just one size or brand, check out our interior back cover of beautiful boxed sets. Ranging in price from $42 to $150, they all make perfect gifts and really look impressive when opened. Just be careful—they look so good that Dad might start asking you to repay the money he lent you to get through college


Now I know a lot of you guys are going to jump on the deal on page 38, where all of our cigars in ammo-box packaging are on sale this month! Our La Finca Ammo is always a huge seller (who doesn’t want a rugged metal ammo can that you can toss in your work shed or garage after you’ve finished the 91 fantastic handmade cigars within?). And our plastic and wooden ammo-style boxes are on sale and up for grabs as well. Whatever your preference, you’re bound to find something you like.


Maybe some of you dads might be shopping for your self for a day of doing only what you want—hitting the greens for18 holes, getting the waders on to spend a few hours chasing bass, or maybe just hanging out on a lounge chair in the backyard with your favorite whiskey-and-cigar combo. So, for you, we have some deals guaranteed to keep you content all Father’sDay long. For instance, we’re giving away 10 Prensados with anyAlec Bradley on pages 6 and 7, six Montecristo cigars with the Montecristo brands on pages 16 and 17, five smokes with LaGloria Cubana on pages 30 and 31, and 10 cigars with a selection of Aging Room or Oliveros cigars on page 42.


Seriously, if I had to list all the brands featuring free-cigar deals with box purchases, I’d need another full page…Quesada, Casa Magna, Oliva, Casa de García, and on and on. How about I just tell you to take your time and peruse each page slowly, and to check out all the great brands and even flag the pages you’d like to explore further? Then head to our website and dig a little deeper by reading reviews and watching videos featuring even more details to help you make your final decision.

Just don’t take too long; some of these deals fly out the door quickly, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything that will help you really get your summer started.

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-The JR Cigar Expert