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Greeting JR Customers!

Well, it's January, and the post-holiday-shopping hangover is in full swing. If you're like me, all you’re thinking about is how your friends and family completely disregarded all the dog eared catalogs you left lying about with big, red magic-marker circles around your favorite cigars…and instead bought you socks and ties. Don’t get me wrong—I like a good tie whenI have to dress up, and a comfortable pair of socks makes a day on your feet much more pleasant, but how many of these things does one man need?!

We here at JR feel your pain, and that’s why January has become our annual BIG BRAND BLOWOUT SALE (seepages 1-13)! We’ve collected and discounted a whole bunch of brands that we might have too much stock of or that manufacturers are paring down—and not just any brands;there’s some great stuff up for grabs from ACID, Rocky Patel,Saint Luis Rey, CAO, and Romeo y Julieta, among many others. And there are also some interesting things on the next few pages that could be upwards of 70% off MSRP.

Do you remember last month when I mentioned the new Montecristo Crafted by A.J. Fernandez (page 15)? Well, I hope you were able to get your hands on a box or two; we sold outmost of our stock at one point and had to get a rush reorder! I told you these were going to be hot!

Finally, if old Uncle Phil indulged in all of your good smokes when he stopped by to give you that tie, be sure to check out all the deals that include free cigars—and I’m talking brands that almost never get free-cigar deals (for example, Cohiba on page 19). Well, what are you waiting for? While these offers will fill up your humidor in no time, they won’t be around for long!

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-The JR Cigar Expert