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Greeting JR Customers!

We move a lot of Rocky Patel cigars; it’s not like you guys need an incentive to buy these premium-quality smokes, so it’s amazing when we get offers like this month’s golf sweepstakes. Honestly, I think Rocky is doing it more to support his loyal customers than in an attempt to boost his sales. I mean, a chance to play a round of golf with him and PGA Pro Rocco Mediate? That’s crazy good. And to be eligible, all you have to do is keep buying the same Rocky cigars you’ve always bought.

And, of course, you’ve seen our Perdomo cover deal. Let me tell you, the Cigar Expert got to spend a week down in Nicaragua at the Perdomo factory, and these bourbon-barrel-aged cigars are excellent smokes and their tobacco actually is aged in bourbon barrels. In fact, I stuck my head into one—the aroma of tobacco mixed with bourbon is truly tantalizing! Further, the quality of the leaf is outstanding. We assure you, there is no gimmick here; check out the actual barrel! 

Finally, be sure to look for our brand tags. Whenever you see one of these designations described below, you’ll know that you’re getting the finest quality product for the best possible price.

JR Essentials offer great cigars with tremendous values. Whatever your taste and budget, you will find what you are looking for with these brands.

Created by the finest manufacturers, our JR Creation cigars showcase bold new blends by master craftsmen.

The next step in well-known national brands, JR Evolution offers expanded lines and new editions of your favorite cigars.

The JR Collection showcases limited editions, short runs, and hard-to-find or out-of-production cigars.

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-The JR Cigar Expert