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Ugh, February—the Monday of the 12-month calendar.Yeah, I know January technically earns that moniker, but at least in January we have that post-holiday high (and there are still football playoffs). Not so in February. Other than dreaming about summer BBQs or golf, there is not much going on for the average cigar smoker. So while you’re counting down the days ’til the first porterhouse is slapped onto a hot grill, how about perusing the deals we have going on this month?

The granddaddy of all of our awesome deals is, of course,the 10 free Prensados that go along with your Alec Bradley purchase (see next page for details). Seriously, we are almost never able to offer up deals this incredible! I suggest buying up as much as you can because it will be a long time before we see something like this again.

Our friends at General Cigar went all in this month as well;they’re giving away a mix-up of five Macanudo cigars with just about any Macanudo box purchase (pages 6-7), five Partagas with Partagas box orders (pages 26-27), and with a Punch box purchase…you guessed it, five more Punch cigars (pages 46-47). Not to be outdone, Romeo y Julieta is giving away five cigars and a lighter with box purchases from four top-selling lines (pages 40-41).

And one final note: Stake your claim on office vacation time ASAP, as tickets for North Carolina’s biggest cigar event are going on sale soon! We’re set for June 9 and 10; check out the ad on the last page for more info about our fifth annual Smokin’ in the Carolinas! Cigars, food, beer, and more—it’s all in the works now…more details coming soon!

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-The JR Cigar Expert