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Greetings, JR Customers!

The summer is just about over and around here we’re trying to enjoy as many of the remaining warm evenings as we can. That means that the humidor is emptying a bit faster than it was back in late May/early June. Luckily for us (and for you) we’ve got a lot of FREE cigar deals in this issue, all designed to make it a bit easier on the wallets of smokers like us who are trying to get in an extra cigar at night before the cold weather comes.


First up, as usual, is our cover deal. Now, in case you didn’t know, Oliva is one of those manufacturers that continues to quietly grow in popularity even without the big flashy press that some brands get. Month after month, cigar lovers are not only introduced to Oliva cigars, but also make those cigars part of their regular humidor rotation. For the

month of August, you can add any of the great Oliva brands shown on pages 1 through 3 to your own collection and you’ll get 10 FREE cigars to go along with your box purchase.


Not to be outdone, Altadis USA is giving away 10 cigars FREE with box purchases of Montecristo, Montecristo Classic, and Montecristo Platinum Series, all on page 7—and in case you didn’t realize, this deal is worth over $100! Another deal we don’t get very often comes from Crowned Heads: buy any box of Luminosa on page 24 and get 8 Headley Grange Black Dog cigars FREE!


One of my favorite offers is on Black Abyss and Black Abyss Connecticut on page 27. These wonderful smokes are made by Jochy Blanco at Tabacalera Palma and are a huge hit with our customers. This month, with any Black Abyss box you buy, we’re giving away 10 La Finca Ammo Box cigars, which are also a perennial best-seller here (in fact, we had to diversify our offering of boxes because we just couldn’t keep

these ammo cans in stock).


The last deal I have space to write about is on the Aging Room cigars shown on page 47. Each of these high-rated brands is a perfect smoke to relax with. And with Aging Room’s range of strengths, there’s something for everyone…and when you get 5 Aging Room Bin No. 1 and 5 La Bohème FREE with any box purchase, this deal is really another no-brainer. Now, don’t check out only these brands, as we are giving away a lot

of FREE cigars this month. So take your time and thumb through this issue carefully. Your humidor will thank you later.

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-The JR Cigar Expert