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Greeting JR Customers!

October is here and that means that I’m either looking forward to every Sunday or dreading it, depending on whether my football team is doing well or stinkin’ up the joint with their lousy play (and since I’m writing this in September, I don’t know how good or bad they are yet). But regardless of all that, I know I’m looking forward to my game- day cigars. I usually prep food for the guys—homemade salsa, maybe some queso verde, and definitely a batch of hot wings (I try to make them from scratch but sometimes I cheat and hit up a great local place for a bucket. Don’t tell anyone). My cigars of choice are from a premium bundle like Gentleman Rooster (page71) or the new JR Tradición Dominicana (page 50), mainly because I’ll be getting up and down a bunch, and there’s always the chance that my cigar will go flying on a particularly good (or bad) play. But I also want the premium-cigar experience to enjoy with friends.

If you turn up your nose at cigars in bundles because you think they’re not as good as boxed cigars, think again— almost all of the big-name manufacturers are working on premium bundles. These are the same cigars you would find in a box...only without the box or, more important, the cost of the box. And some cigarmakers, like Drew Estate, are even designing their bundles to look more premium in quality with different wraps and high-quality labels. C’mon, you’re taking the cigars out of the box and putting them in your humidor anyway; you might as well pay less for them while doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love paying less whenever I can, but I will buy a box of a brand that I love. I’ll even try a new brand if the box artwork catches my eye. Hell, I have a garage full of empty cigar boxes that I happen to like! Maybe one day I’ll open my own museum or turn them into some kind of modern art piece that people pay tens of thousands of dollars to hang on their wall...that much money would buy an awful lot of cigars.

And speaking of cigars, check out the first few pages of the new catalog and see check what we’ve got for you guys this month..

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-The JR Cigar Expert