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Greeting JR Customers!

“Exclusive.” JR has a lot of brands that you can’t get anyplace else. We have Montecristos, Romeo y Julietas, Hoyo de Monterreys, and so much more that no other big catalog retailer carries. You see the “exclusive” repeatedly in our catalog and though you all know what it means, you may think of it as a meaningless buzzword—or even code for leftovers or rejects from a national brand onto which we’ve simply slapped a new name.

That could not be further from the truth! When our buyers meet with manufacturers to find an exclusive brand, they are not interested in taking whatever just happens to be available. Nope, they will smoke them, pull ’em apart, and then smoke some more, and that goes for every single cigar that we put our “exclusive” tag on; if it doesn’t meet our standards, well...we pass it up and let some other company take it.

In fact, I am certain that our exclusives are some of the best cigars on the market today because we are absolutely not willing to compromise just to get a name that only we can sell. I mean, what good is a cigar that no one else can sell if no one actually wants to buy it? Of course, another good thing about an exclusive is that we have a lot more pricing power...which means we can give you national- brand quality at an all-around great price.

If you’d like to learn more about the top brands and companies we work with to bring you our exclusives, check out the two articles we have for you this month. One is about Plasencia (the factory that produces top- name cigars for Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, and Gurkha, to name just a few), which created for us Shock & Awe, a new big (and we mean big) ring gauge line. And the other great read is about El Rey del Mundo, a perennial best seller for JR since we started carrying it way back when.

Now that you understand what we mean when we say “exclusive,” take a look at all the brands that you can get only from JR. And if you’re looking to try something new, go for one of those; we’re sure you’ll be happy you did.

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-The JR Cigar Expert