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Greeting JR Customers!

This month, Gurkha has gone out of the way to reward our customers the chance to win a Jeep with select Gurkha purchases (including bundles and 5-packs)! It’s been a long time since we ran a sweepstakes this big—I mean, we’re giving away a friggin’ Jeep! The many Gurkha lines have been popular here at JR since they became a regular catalog feature just over a year ago so, sure, we’ve offered plenty of deals and giveaways with them already. But this one really takes the cake...and, better yet, it’s exclusive to JR customers! That’s right, you’re not gonna find this offer anyplace but right here. If I were allowed to win, I’d be buying Gurkha cigars every week—and maybe even every day—as each eligible purchase gets you yet another entry.

I know a lot of you have been checking out our Expert Picks in every issue (no, I’m not psychic...but I can see that the experts’ chosen cigars increase in sales after the issue they appear). Next month, we’ll be changing it up somewhat to give you a bit more to sink your teeth into. We’ll still feature the favorites of our awesome experts, only with an added twist. So enjoy this month’s selections... and stay tuned for something a little different in March.

Finally, be sure to check out JRCIGARS.COM for info on our yearly Smokin’ in the Carolinas event. At the time I wrote this, event prices hadn’t been finalized but, by the time you read it, those prices could be up on our website. And you do not want to wait to get your tickets—every year, I tell people this, and every year they wait until a week or two before the event to place their order...only to find out that we’ve sold out. If you are absolutely planning to attend (and why wouldn’t you be?), we suggest that you grab your tickets now because we can’t wait to see you there! 

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-The JR Cigar Expert