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Greetings, JR Customers!

The Punch brand of cigars has been around since 1840, with Mr. Punch serving as an advertising staple throughout brand’s advertising 175+ year history. Though the cigar has changed hands multiple times, it still maintains the quality and consistency that made it so popular upon its introduction and ever since. This month, we’re giving away a Mr. Punch bobblehead and 10 FREE CIGARS with box purchases of the Punch cigars shown on pages 2 and 3.


We also have a short feature on Raul Disla, director of the Nicaraguan American Cigar Co. in Estelí, Nicaragua. Raul’s hard work took him from dedicated farmhand to head of a factory producing some of the hottest cigars on the market today. And now he’s releasing his newest brand, Farm to Factory, right here on page 32.


Now I know a lot of you guys are going to jump on the deal on page 38, where all of our cigars in ammo-box packaging are on sale this month! Our La Finca Ammo is always a huge seller (who doesn’t want a rugged metal ammo can that you can toss in your work shed or garage after you’ve finished the 91 fantastic handmade cigars within?). And our plastic and wooden ammo-style boxes are on sale and up for grabs as well. Whatever your preference, you’re bound to find something you like.


On pages 76 and 77, there’s a small summer yardwork starter set deal to kick off your Memorial Day weekend. Choose from one of the seven bundles shown (at already ridiculously low JR prices) and get a cutter and lighter FREE. These bundles sell so

well during the summer months that we often run out of the most popular sizes, so be sure to grab your favorite yardwork cigar now before your fellow cigar fans get them all.


Finally, by the time you get this catalog, you might just be too late to get in on the biggest cigar event in North Carolina. As I write this, we have less than 100 tickets left to our Smokin’ in the Carolinas 5th Anniversary event; who knows if there will be any

left by the time you read this? I’ve been warning you for months not to delay, so don’t bother this Cigar Expert looking to score some…because I’ll be busy packing for this two-day extravaganza!

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-The JR Cigar Expert