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Greeting JR Customers!

It’s not often that we’ve got a 10-cigar giveaway to go with CAO. It’s even rarer that we offer a giveaway like this on all of CAO’s many brands! And we’re not giving away just any CAOs either—no sirree, these 10 cigars are from some of our most popular CAO lines like Gold and Flathead! If you’ve ever felt the urge to try out a whole bunch of CAO cigars, check out pages 2-4 because this is the deal that’ll get you hooked!

But those CAOs are not the only free smokes we’ve got for you this month. In fact, you’ll see on pages 40 and 41 that we’re giving away nine cigars with some of our best-selling bundles like Riata, José Martí, Rosa Cuba, and JR Master Series among many others. These bundles typically contain 20 cigars or fewer and sell for as little as $36.00; we’re giving away nearly $42.00 worth of cigars with them. That is almost 50% more cigars...FREE!

Finally, I’m sure you’ve read and heard all about the goings-on at the 2016 International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers convention. As I write this, we’ve just reached the conclusion of another incredible show—this Cigar Expert is really looking forward to the release of all the awesome stuff he saw! We don’t have any of it quite yet but be sure to keep checking our website and catalog pages over the coming months. And, while you wait, go ahead and get in on the great stuff we’ve got up for grabs right now. 

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-The JR Cigar Expert