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Greetings, JR Customers!

Expertly handcrafted by General Cigar for over 40 years,Macanudo needs no introduction. One of America’s best-selling premium brands and available in a variety of sizes, blends, shapes and strengths, Macanudo cigars have been described as thoroughly aged, distinctively smooth, good as gold, perfectly balanced, as nature intended, rich and intriguing, rare and luxurious, exotic and extraordinary, deep, dark, and unexpected, and just down right delicious. A staple in every connoisseur’s humidor, there’s a Macanudo cigar to satisfy every smoker’s taste. And this month, we’re giving you 10 free cigars with every box of Macanudo you purchase; see pages 2 and 3. But wait—there’s more! We’re also throwing in a Macanudo ceramic ashtray, perfect for all your premium-cigar herfing!

Not to be outdone, Montecristo is offering a box of 15 cigars free with select Montecristo box purchases on pages 4 and 5. Employing the finest tobacco masters and rollers in the world, Montecristo continues to maintain its reputation as one of the finest brands on the market, and even the standard by which other cigars are judged.We normally don’t talk too much about Avo in these introductions, as it’s one of those brands that is a consistently great seller even without a blockbuster deal attached to it. But one thing Davidoff keeps doing is adding to its Avo collection, with the latest being the Avo Syncro Ritmo on page 31. And right there with it is an introductory offer of four cigars free with any box purchase from this new line. If you have not tried Avo before, this might be the time to take the plunge!

And for fans of Drew Estate’s unique lineup, we have 10 ACID cigars free with a host of Drew Estate brands shown on pages 40and 41. The Cigar Expert remembers when the only Drew Estate selection we sold was ACID. However, as the company’s popularity increased with each of its new lines, we had to make sure to get them in as fast as our customers clamored for them!Darn it, running out of space again! I guess I’ll just have to end with this: be sure to flip through the entire catalog this month because, as usual, we have far too many brands and offers to spotlight right here.

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-The JR Cigar Expert