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Greeting JR Customers!

Right about now, all your cigar-smoking friends are lamenting the end of the warmer weather. Already they’re dreading ice and snow, and trying to cram as much outdoor-cigar-smoking time as possible into this last full month of summer. But The Cigar Expert is doing no such thing—cigars should never be about cramming things in! They are not created to be smoked like you’re suckin’ the last bit of soda out of a fountain glass, but to be savored with good food, good drink, and/or good friends. So if you see someone puffing away like a freight train going uphill, put a hand on his (or her) shoulder and tell that cigar fan to relax and enjoy. A rushed cigar is a wasted cigar.

Now that you’re in the right frame of mind, leisurely smoking you favorite Toro, do you find yourself mindlessly looking at inane tweets from celebrities, goat memes, or dog-shaming sites on your phone? Don’t you want to spend your time in a more fulfilling way? We’ve got just what you need! JR has released a new app called Beat the Dealer, which will help you score all those cigars you’ve been wanting to try. Beat the Dealer is free to play and allows you to accumulate chips that you can use to try to win cigars...also FREE! The more chips you have, the better your chances. You can get the app on Apple and Android mobile devices; check out the screen-grab below. Be sure to learn about all of the different ways you can collect chips—for instance, simply taking two minutes to write a cigar review can score you that coveted box of smokes in the end.

I’d write more but, honestly, there’s a leather chair, a glass of bourbon, and a Black Abyss Wraith waiting for me, and I have to make sure to spend some quality time with all of them.

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-The JR Cigar Expert