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There is still a chill in the air, but the first hints of spring are not that far off. And warmer temperatures mean we can finally stop freezing our… noses off… when we go outside to light up. Some of you are probably already enjoying weather in the 60s and 70s and I’m sure you’re going to want to grab up some of the amazing deals and savings we have for you this month. The rest of us are just going to have to stock up on our favorites, try not to stare longingly at our humidor with snow still on the ground and wait for our weather to change.

Last month we talked about whiskey and cigar pairings and we have a part 2 coming along, but we’re going to interrupt it briefly to talk about craft beer pairings.Like a lot of our customers, we’re a fairly adventurous group and we do tend to run off and try new things all the time. And while Whiskey fest is only a once-a-year event for us, there are craft beer events 2 to 3 times a year that our staff likes to attend. So before we have shaken off winter completely, we wanted to throw together some pairings that go with the heavier porters and stouts of the world.

As you saw on the cover and on the next few pages, we’ve got an amazing deal on some of the DrewEstate cigars. We’re giving away a sampler of 14 of the best Drew Estate cigars with box purchases on Acid(including the new JR Exclusive Route 10), Undercrown, Joya de Nicaragua, and more. This is not a deal that we can run often (if we’re lucky they let us do it once a year)and we tend to sell out of these samplers VERY quickly, so if you are a fan of the Drew Estate brand, don’t wait… call or go on line immediately to place your order. Seriously…I don’t want letters coming in from you guys who are too lazy to pick up your smart phone, complaining that the Drew Estate deal was sold out when you tried to get it the last week of March.

Finally, we have not talked about the TastingRoom section much recently. This is the section, usually in the center of the catalog, that is packed full of exciting samplers. We’ve got over 30 of ‘em this month and all of them are priced under 50 bucks (some are less than 20bucks!) Buying a few of these really opens up your cigar horizons to new tastes. Almost everyone will be able to find one that has some boutique or national brands that they have always wanted to try.

We’ll be back next month with more stuff to read in the can and some great cigars to enjoy with your buddies.

Your friends at JR