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Greetings, JR Customers!

Before you do anything else, before you even turn the page of this catalog, get online or call one of our helpful customer service reps and order your Smokin’ in theCarolinas tickets! We say this every year…and, every year, we’re contacted a mere month before the event by so many people wanting to know if there are any more tickets available. And then, regretfully, we have no choice but to inform them that we are once again completely sold out.

As we have in previous years, we’ve set up a VIP night for the Friday before the main event. These VIP tickets are always the first to go due to their very limited quantity. So,if you and your herfing buddies want VIP treatment, order the tickets the minute this catalog hits your hands! Go on;I’ll wait…

Now, I’ll assume you have all ordered your tickets and I can move on to other things. As you can see on the cover this month, we’ve got a lot of new Romeos; you’ll find them on pages 1 through 3. With the exception of the 505(and the new Romeo by A.J., which is still making its way into most channels), most are brands you may have seen already at your local tobacconist. Well, we have finally been given the green light to sell them through our catalog and,to celebrate, we’re giving away five FREE cigars with your box purchases of any of these new additions.

We also have a great deal on CAO (see pages 16-17):Five FREE cigars with any CAO box purchase. And they’re even letting us include two Flathead Steel Horse smokes as part of the deal, which is great for you guys, as theFlathead has been one of our best-selling CAO cigars since its release.And, finally, we have a big deal on Oliva (pages 22-23).You’ll get eight cigars with the purchase of any box.Let’s do the math: by buying just one box from each of the above three brands, you’ll also get 18 FREE cigars—which amounts to almost a whole extra box of smokes! But you can think about that later: go get your Smokin’ in theCarolinas tickets now!

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-The JR Cigar Expert