Tabak Especial by Drew Estate Cigars

Drew Estate continues to top the sales charts with their infused/flavored line of cigars while successfully making their presence known in the traditional cigar market as well. Tabak Especial is another flavorful example of how good their infusion cigars are. From the luscious aromas of chocolate and coffee to the succulent flavors of sweet spice, dark chocolate and sweet coffee...and this is before you even light it. As you begin to toast the end, you get a short preview of what awaits you when it’s fully lit and you take the first of many perfect draws of its sweet decadent smoke… then the true journey begins.

Tabak Especial is an aged blend of rich Nicaraguan Criollo long filler tobaccos, paired with a flavorful Sumatran binder and wrapped in either a medium-brown Connecticut shade (Dulce) or a rich, extra-dark Connecticut broadleaf (Negra) that is cured for two years. Each cigar is slowly infused with the finest Nicaraguan estate-grown coffee. The combination results in pleasing flavors of coffee and milk chocolate giving it a savory sweetness and wonderful aroma. This is a smoking experience that can truly be enjoyed by all. But be warned, if you’re not careful you could burn yourself trying to get the last good pull of sweet, creamy, chocolaty, coffee goodness that is Tabak Especial.