La Jugada

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Even if you have been smoking cigars since the Hoover administration, we can guarantee that you have never seen anything like this brand of cigars.

The inventive minds at Moya Ruiz Cigars had the whole industry saying … you gotta be kidding! When they first laid eyes on their newest creation, called the Nunchuck. The presentation is somewhat bewildering to look at with two cigars attached to each other at the cap by a thin strand of tobacco resembling the martial arts weapon by the same name. Is this just a novelty item? Nope, these guys really had a groundbreaking idea in mind, because if you carefully separate these conjoined twins, the missing strand leaves a hole in the cap and bingo, you have a punch cut sans the punch cutter!

La Jugada Nunchuck is actually a seriously good smoke with artisanship unheard of in the industry. An oily, dark brown Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper covers a Nicaraguan binder and aged Nicaraguan filler leaf resulting in a powerful smoke. Upon lighting, this well packed cigar assaults you taste buds and schnozzle with a blast of hot piquant pepper. As soon as you regain your senses, softer essences of leather, almonds, and cedar soften the blow, and create a unique complexity that is balanced, hearty, and loaded with rich flavors. Fans of very full-bodied smokes will really love the Nunchuck.

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