Macanudo Certified Vintage

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The very best of the best-selling premium-cigar brand ever! General Cigar is one of very few manufacturers that actually plants, grows, harvests, and processes its own Connecticut shade wrappers; in fact, General is probably the number-two grower in the Connecticut River Valley, second only to an individual farmer named Oliver Thrall.

General Cigar was also the first to declare vintage years for wrapper crops in order to denote those years in which the wrapper leaf had exceptional clarity and burn characteristics. The company would then produce Macanudo Vintage cigars named and labeled with those years.

While wrapper leaf was always sorted and selected for this purpose, there were certainly years that, while the quality was there, the quantity was not commercially viable. Nevertheless, these cigars were made, if only for comparison purposes. Through an unimaginable amount of arm-twisting (and a whole bunch of money), we were able to secure the following out-of-production Macanudo Vintage cigars to pass on to you.

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