H. Upmann Legacy

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Founded in 1844 in Havana Cuba by brothers August and Hermann Upmann, the H. Upmann brand is steeped in tradition and a commitment to quality. Now based in Honduras, these handmade cigars have been a favorite among many powerful men, including John F. Kennedy. However, like true artists, the Upmann brand has continued to flex its creative muscles to consistently improve their products in order to stay ahead of the curve and provide loyal followers with refreshingly bold flavor.

The H. Upmann Legacy cigar is a relatively new blend that features 2008 tobacco grown from heirloom seeds, and the distinctive tobacco is accompanied by an Ecuadorian wrapper and Nicaraguan binder. It provides a full, rich smoke that carries traces of cream, cocoa, spices and cream. These medium to full-bodied Dominican cigars are available in both singles and boxes, so affordably experience the excellence of H. Upmann by ordering with JR.

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