Flor de Gonzalez

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Packed in vivid red boxes that foreshadow the vibrant zest of a truly top-quality tobacco blend, the Flor de Gonzalez Spectral line of handmade premium cigars comes to smokers from the famed Gonzalez family's Nicaragua factory as a tribute to universal goodwill and, of course, great smoking.

The Flor de Gonzalez Spectral cigar, inspired by the poetry of José Martí, is handcrafted with a blend that was 10 years in the making before resulting in its unique and lively flavor. Featuring sweet and savory peppery spice and hearty chocolate richness against the engulfing earthiness of a top-quality tobacco recipe of Nicaraguan and Peruvian leaf, all Flor de Gonzalez Spectral cigars are surrounded by a lush medium-brown Ecuador Habano wrapper. With a medium-bodied strength profile, the finished cigars of the Flor de Gonzalez Spectral line are then aged for five years in cedar, and later packaged in cedar sleeves for that added touch of fresh zest.

When buying premium handmade cigars online, smokers should check out the Flor de Gonzalez Spectral, something a bit different from a popular family name in fine handmade cigars.

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