Casino Gold HRS Cigars

There’s no better cigar to make you feel like a high-roller than the Casino Gold HRS. Whether you’re sitting at a poker table or relaxing with some pals, this medium-bodied cigar will keep the good times rolling with subtle hints of spice and cedar. Handcrafted under the expert supervision of cigar masters Nestor Plasencia Sr. & Jr., you’ll taste the perfection with every puff of this Honduran beauty. This particular Casino Gold cigar consists of three different Nicaraguan longfillers held together by an African Cameroon binder, topped with a finely curated Habano Rosado wrapper from Jalapa. Mellow, delicious and affordable.

Rolled with high quality Ometepe, Jamastran and Estelí leaf (including viso, ligero and seco), the Casino Gold HRS will bring lady luck to your side. Available in boxes of 21 with a joker, king or queen ring insignia.