Camacho Liberty Series 2014

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A truly unique, multinational blend from four vintages and three countries, the limited edition Camacho Liberty Series 2014 edition is a smooth, medium-body cigar for any enthusiast. However, it won’t be around forever. In fact, only 2,000 boxes were made, and only one figurado-shaped size is available.

Individually packaged in wooden coffins before placement in a gorgeous cedar box of 20, these premium hand-rolled Camacho Liberty Series cigars present a complex, rare blend tobacco featuring the finest Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. Well-balanced, yet intense – light it up and taste the intrigue. The Corojo 2006 binder creates a rich blend of spice and sweetness, while the rich and oily 2005 Ecuadorian Habano leaf wrapper provides a crisp burn and a pleasant finish.

Camacho is renowned for their creativity, consistency and sublime taste, and the Liberty Series 2014 is the epitome of fine, limited edition craftsmanship. Blended to create a pleasing experience, get your hands on a box of 2014 Camacho Liberty cigars today.

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