Black Tie Cigars

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Look no further than the Black Tie cigar for a luxurious smoke ideal for the most celebrated occasions. Upon the first draw you’ll be able to tell how this medium-bodied gem truly represents the finer things in life.

The Black Tie cigar is hand rolled in the Dominican Republic using a combination of Dominican long-fillers. A Sumatra binder and gorgeous Brazilian Wrapper are then dressed around the tobacco to complete this elegant masterpiece. The first puff combines notes of sweetness and earthiness to form a delicious blend of complex, yet effortlessly subtle flavors. Aficionados will relish in this premium cigar’s easy draw and relaxing mellowness. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

The Black Tie is available in several sizes based on your preferences. Once you try your first Black Tie cigar, you’ll never again want to attend a formal occasion without one.

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