Straight Jacket

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Asylum, a collaborative effort between cigar masters Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka, is taking the industry by storm. With its production of finely crafted, full bodied cigars, these insanely talented producers have created another unadulterated cigar with the scarily good Asylum Straight Jacket cigar.

To date, this Nicaraguan Puro is the brand’s strongest blend yet. And it’s certainly not for the timid or weak of palate. Immediately, from the ominous solitary confinement-stye box and straight jacket band, it’s clear that this beauty packs a psychotically strong punch. The timid of heart steer clear of the Asylum Straight Jacket cigar, as this bad boy will jolt you awake like no other.

Just light it up and see for yourself. The Straight Jacket is full of dark complex flavors that simmer beneath the bold surface just waiting to be discovered. Taste the dominant black pepper, cedar and coffee tones as they storm the taste buds. Just like the most cunning of predators, this Asylum cigar can seduce you with its strikingly smooth leaf and intoxicating aroma as it draws you into its seductive web. Two plus hours after first lighting one up, you’ll find yourself still nursing the Straight Jacket, yet insanely ravenous for the next delicious stick.

Not for those seeking a mellow, flavorful cigar experience, this particular 50 to 70 gauge Asylum cigar packs a bold, edgy punch that isn't afraid to go a little crazy every now and then. Purchase a Straight Jacket today from JR Cigars and taste this beast for yourself.
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