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John Starks Legends cigarsJohn Starks is a former all-star with the NBA.  Growing up in Oklahoma, he first played for Golden State then it was onto the New York Knicks and the All Star team.  Starks retired in 2002 and was the Knick’s all time three-point leader. He was the first player in NBC history to make 200 three-pointers in a single season.  Why am I telling you this?  Well you see Starks is also a cigar lover.  Near the end of his professional career, he would travel down to the Dominican Republic a couple of times a year bring the kids down there new and used sports equipment.  During these trips, he started visiting cigar factories as well.  The result was Legend Cigars and his signature Dominican cigar simply called John Starks Legend.  They are medium bodied cigars with Dominican binder and fillers and come either in a natural Ecuadoran Connecticut or Brazilian maduro wrapper.  Their booth at the show was nice but the cigar was nicer.


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Bubba's Smokes

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Bill Clinton has been out of office now for almost a generation (14 years) but still in the limelight of course.   He is known as someone who smokes cigars (as seen in this photo from Reuters in 1999) and where he put them caused news during his presidency. This past week, he made cigar news again.   Kaizad Hansotia—the C-E-O of Gurkha – says the former President is a big fan of “His Majesty’s Reserve” cigars which fetch—are you ready? --$1,000 per stick.

"We hunt for the most exotic tobaccos around the world," Hansotia said, rationalizing the nearly $1,000 price tag. The company produces about 20,000 boxes per year, and has a three-year waiting list. Clients include business leaders, royal families and dignitaries. A-List celebrities like Matthew McConaughey -- and apparently one former president -- also smoke the company's premium cigars.

Now according to the news reports, Clinton may not actually smoke the HMR regularly instead Hansotia says Bill likes the Beauties, which only cost $600 each.  That must mean that Bill is not buying them from JR…. Of course Gurkha makes a lot of different cigars and many are available in 5 packs. But the HMR is not available in the 5-pack ….yet.  heh.


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