Weekly Cigar Roundup: Another Day, Another 50 Cents

November 25, 2019

Weekly Cigar Roundup: Another Day, Another 50 Cents

On this week’s episode of Weekly Cigar Roundup, Nick gets ready for Thanksgiving the only way they know-how, by having some phenomenal smokes throughout the week. He tells Anthony what he enjoyed throughout the week. Watch the new episode of Weekly Cigar Roundup now!

On Monday, Nick smoked the Whiskey Rebellion 1794 by RoMa Craft. The Whiskey Rebellion oozes flavor notes of red pepper, coffee, and cedar, punctuated with a sweet creamy finish. On Tuesday, Nick enjoyed the Laranja Reserva, created by Erik Espinosa. The Laranja Reserva was expertly rolled at La Zona factory in Nicaragua.

As for Wednesday, Nick enjoyed the Boneshaker Tombstone. The Boneshaker Tombstone Maul cigar is the latest creation from AJ Fernandez, one of the hottest cigarmakers in the premium cigar business. On Thursday, Nick smoked the Cuban-inspired creation from Drew Estate and Willy Herrera called the Herrera Esteli JR Exclusive Box Pressed.

To begin the weekend, Nick smoked the new cigar from Jon Huber called Court Reserve Full Court Press. This isn’t released yet to the public, but Jon took care of Nick and sent a few his way. On Saturday Nick relaxed at home and enjoyed the Casa Fernandez JFR Lunatic Loco Maduro. This uniquely shaped cigar has strong flavor notes of chocolate, earth, spice, and sweet cream.

To finish off a fun-filled weekend, Nick smoked the H. Upmann 175th. This cigar is slowly becoming a favorite around the JR Cigar studio, with luscious flavor notes of chocolate, sweet cream, and white pepper.





RoMa Craft Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion



Espinosa Laranja Reserva



Boneshaker Tombstone



Herrera Esteli Box Pressed



Crowned Heads Court Reserve Full Court Press



Casa Fernandez JFR Lunatic Loco Maduro



H. Upmann 175th Anniversary



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