Top 5 Cigars Under $10

September 14, 2017

Top 5 Cigars for Under $10 2022


It’s no secret that the cigar industry is an expensive habit for every individual cigar lover. For some people, purchasing expensive, rare smokes is the way of life. Others aim for cigars on the cheaper side of life, yet that’s a gamble. I live by the motto “you get what you pay for” and I stand by that wholeheartedly when it comes to buying cigars.

This list is a tad bit different in terms of that motto. These top 5 cigars are the best cigars you’ll be getting for under ten dollars. The quality and consistency of these five cigars are top-notch and fall under the ten-dollar price point. So, although these cigars are on the cheaper side, it doesn’t mean the quality of these cigars are poor.

Between Romeo y Julieta and Tatuaje, here is Nick’s Top 5 Cigars that are priced under ten dollars. Don’t forget to click on the limited time sampler in the link below!

Romeo by Romeo y Julieta

Leading off on our Top 5 Cigars for Under $10, we have a popular smoke from one of the top-tier brands within the industry. When the Romeo-by-Romeo y Julieta came out, it was a fresh, modern twist on the brands’ old ways that dates to 1875. Although it embraced classic characteristics from the original Havana blend, the Romeo features tobaccos that will have your mouth watering.

This full-bodied 5 x 54 stick is cloaked in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, all while featuring tobaccos from the Dominican Republic from the Binder and Filler. Some flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Romeo are pepper, earth, coffee, and dark chocolate on the backend.

A Box of 20 is priced at $177.85. However, if you’re looking to buy a single cigar of the Romeo by Romeo y Julieta, it’ll cost you a whopping $8.85. For a top-notch cigar by Romeo, I’d say that’s a steal. So, stop by JR’s today and pick up the delicious Romeo by Romeo y Julieta today!

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My Father El Centurion

Next up on our Top 5 Cigars for Under $10 is from another titan of a company to make its mark within the industry. The My Father El Centurion was the very first limited-edition offering from legendary filmmaker Jose Pepin Garcia. What makes the El Centurion so limited and rare is the Nicaraguan Sun Grown Criollo cloaked around the smoke.

Utilizing Corojo 99 and Criollo 98 tobaccos for the binder and filler, this 6.25 x 52 smoke is medium to full-bodied in strength and flavor. Some notes you’ll detect while smoking the El Centurion are earth, dark chocolate, espresso, and a touch of caramel on the backend.

A box of 20 comes in at $165.85, making an individual cigar priced at $8.30. Much like the Romeo above, for a cigar to be priced that cheap, as well as to come from one of the forefathers of the cigar industry really says something. Most My Father cigars are inexpensive, but if you’re looking to try a banger of a cigar at an affordable price then the My Father El Centurion is the way to go.

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Tatuaje Black Label

Next up on our Top 5 Cigars Under $10 is another cigar produced by My Father but comes from the hands and minds of the genius Pete Johnson of Tatuaje. The Tatuaje Black Label was re-released in 2013 after having a limited time run back in 2007. The re-release was to celebrate the brand’s tenth birthday within the cigar business.

Not only does the affordable price make this a go-to smoke for every novice and expert smoker out there. The tobaccos within this gem really make this Tatuaje stand out above the rest. This Nicaraguan puro that’s rolled in a 6 x 38 Petit Lancero has hearty notes of earth, black pepper, cedar, and coffee. When smoking this medium to full-bodied gem, expect a bold experience from start to finish.

Coming in at $152.95 for a box of 20, the Tatuaje Black Label is one of the cheaper cigars on this list if you’re looking to buy just one. Roughly $7.60 for one single cigar, the Tatuaje Black Label is basically giving away this excellence for next to nothing.

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Don Pepin Garcia Clasicos Black

Another gem of a cigar that is under $10 is also made at the infamous My Father Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Don Pepin Garcia Clasicos Black is the very first premium cigar line that was handcrafted by the Garcia Family. This 6 x 50 Nicaraguan puro is medium to full-bodied with luscious flavor notes that flow throughout this beauty of a cigar.

The spicy, brown Habano wrapper gives off rich note of cocoa, earth, cedar and fresh cut grass. Marked at $162.25 for a box of 20, if you break it down the Don Pepin Garcia Clasicos Black costs $8.10 per stick. An average cigar costs $7 to $10, so this lands right at the $8.00 mark that’s a good cost for novice smokers.

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Nicaraguan Series by AJ Fernandez

Finally on our Top 5 Cigars Under $10 is the Nicaraguan Series by AJ Fernandez. This 7 x 48 medium to full-bodied smoke was made for us here at JR Cigars. This Nicaraguan puro has delicious flavor notes of pepper, coffee, spice, and an earthy tone on the backend.

Priced at $97.55 for a box of 15, you’re looking at a very reasonable asking price of $6.50 which is the cheapest cigar priced on our list. It even comes in a pack of five for $33, which averages the same price. So if you’re in a pinch and can’t budget for expensive sticks, this flavorful masterpiece by AJ Fernandez will do the trick!

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Top 5 cigars under $10 of 2017

Around 20 years ago, if a cigar cost $10 or more, it was considered the highest of the high-end.  At that time, only Davidoffs, Padrons, and Opus X were among the very few brands that reached that price range.  However, with inflation, taxes, and costs going up, $10 is a very solid price for cigars today.

I don’t mind paying for quality, so if I think the cigar is worth it, I will pay almost anything.  That said, some of my favorite cigars, ones I talk about constantly, are still below that $10 range.  So, for all of you who are looking for the best premium cigar for your money, I’ve put together a list of the five best cigars for under $10.

Foundation Charter Oak

While boutique cigar makers, like Nick Melillo, usually demand a higher price due to their size, Nick set out to make a budget-friendly everyday cigar with all the characteristics of his other brands.  He succeeded in doing so with the Charter Oak brand.

Charter Oak is Nick’s love letter to his home state of Connecticut.  The name and band all pay homage to the rich history of the state.  It is handcrafted with Nicaraguan tobaccos and is available in two wrapper varieties, both from Connecticut.  With a creamy shade-grown or rich Broadleaf, this everyday cigar is a tremendous deal.

If you want to know more about this brilliant brand of cigars, read all about them right here.

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Arturo Fuente Chateau Sun Grown

Today I feel like when discussing Arturo Fuente, people only mention the brand’s limited and high-end offerings.  It’s always about Anejo or Opus X etc. However, one of Arturo Fuente’s staple lines, and one of my all-time favorites, is the Chateau line, particularly in the sun-grown variety.  These were, at one time, my everyday cigar.  Literally, I would smoke at least one a day.

The Chateau line is handcrafted at the legendary and historic Fuente facility in the Dominican Republic. It uses finely aged Dominican tobacco for the filler and binder, followed by a stunning and oily Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper.  The pristine construction, plus the complex profile, makes this one of the best cigars for the price on the market.

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La Mission by L’Atelier

Pete Johnson of Tatuaje fame launched a sub-brand known as L’Atelier.  It is an offshoot of Tatuaje, and although the cigars are still crafted at the My Father factory, the look, taste, and smoke differently than your average Tatuaje.  There is a touch of elegance and luxury to the brand, which I think was the point.  Among the several top releases from L’Atelier, I always found myself drawn to the La Mission.

Named after a famed winery, a favorite of Pete, La Mission is a spectacular and well-balanced smoke.  It is crafted with aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, including the special Sancti Spiritus leaf, grown only for Pete Johnson.  Its San Andres wrapper adds in touches of dark fruit notes and a slight spice, making this an excellent pairing for a full red wine.

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Espinosa Larajana Reserva

Since this cigar was first released, I have not stopped talking about it.  The Laranja is one of the finest cigars to come out of Nicaragua and the crown jewel of the Espinosa empire.  From its blend to its backstory and stunning visuals, this cigar showcased that Erik is an all-around mad genius.

The cigar takes its name from the Portuguese word for orange.  This is fitting as its Brazilian wrapper has a slight orange hue to it and emits wonderful notes of spice and citrus.  The band is a throwback to old soda bottles, which as a retro head, I absolutely love.  At this price, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better cigar — except for the other ones mentioned of course.

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