Top 5 Cigar Lighters: Lighting Cigars Made Easy

February 8, 2017

Hello my friends Nick Libretti here for And today I’m talking about my top five favorite lighters.

So again, these are just my choices. These are lighters I use in my everyday life or have used. They are reliable. Price points are going to vary, but they’re also all available at First up, this is probably one of the coolest lighters I’ve ever owned. This is the Lotus Orion in the red color. Why do I like it? It looks like if you’re in a Ferrari and you hit a button, this comes out. It has a push button start right here.

I love the red and then the silver kind of dotted pattern around it. Awesome two flames that come into one. It makes a union so you still get the power of multiple flames, but the precision of a single flame get around that edge. Awesome, awesome, lighter.

Hey, let’s say you’re a smoker on a budget, but you still want a great letter to carry around. But if it breaks, it’s not that expensive. Vertigo cyclone, this is probably one of the most popular lighters we’ve ever sold in the history of anything. It’s not even nine bucks, plastic, but it’s customs clear so you can see how much fluid you have in there. Triple flame. I don’t think I’ve ever had one break on me. They’re super reliable lighters. Excellent, excellent, everyday economical, lighter from Vertigo.

Now you want to get a little fancy. This is similar in color. I mean most of these are red because I really like red on my lighters. This one is the Bolero from JetLine. I like it. It sounds Italian. It sounds like you go to a piazza .and you get the Bolero lighter but it has a nice little punch on the bottom. You got to open it. Look at that. It’s like three machine guns on a world war II plane. Three totally straight, separate flames. This is great on when I spoke something with a bigger ring gauge. I think with a 60 or above, usually break this bad boy out. Give it a nice little turn right there.

Now it’s time to go to the boss. This is the Colibri Boss. It’s a triple flame lighter, but it’s got functionality to it. It’s functional in other areas besides lighting your cigar. Right in the back, up out your little finger. You’ve got a cutter. You can cut your cigar and light it with one easy to use accouterment. You don’t need a whole bunch of accessories hanging out of your pockets. Open the top. Beautiful three flames coming into one, precision but also power. This one I use if I don’t want to carry a lot of stuff in my pockets. If I’m wearing a suit or anything, this one really comes in handy.

Last but not least, we have the Black Label. That’s the name of the company. This is the Dictator. That’s a boss name. Why is it a boss name? Well, it’s a boss lighter. Flick up your little thing there. You’ve got to look at it closely. It’s got like a thin flat fling to it. This is like luxury. You almost wave the flame onto the cigar. It’s really thin and wavy. I’ll do this for something really high end that I don’t want to risk getting any burn marks around the wrapper. I just want to like that interior. It’s like a painter with his brush, like a DaVinci or a Michelangelo, if you will.

Softly paint the fire on the cigar. So full range of lighters here. Most of them are a little high end, but the great things like the Cyclone or even the Bolero, you can get them for a really great price. They’re all available in a ton of different colors right here at Why don’t you comment below, what are some of your favorite lighters? You tell me what they are and maybe I’ve had them in the past. Enjoy.



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