Top 10 Tailgate Cigars: Football Season and Cigars!

August 23, 2017

Top 5 Tailgate Cigars of 2021

Although I am a lover of the summer, I can see why hundreds of thousands absolutely love the fall. You aren’t profusely sweating when you’re outside smoking your favorite stogie all while drinking your favorite beverage. But once Labor Day passes, America’s favorite sport is back until February! With Football, so many things come alongside enjoying the game, but nothing better than Tailgating!

I’ve been tailgating at football and baseball games since I was 18 years old. The only thing that will get me out of bed before 7:30 a.m. on a weekend is to prepare for a glorious tailgating session before I see my favorite team embarrass themselves. Alongside my cooler filled with breakfast, lunch, and beer, or a handful of shopping bags filled up to the brim with chips, I’ll bring my portable humidor case with a few of my favorite cigars!

From AJ Fernandez to Tatuaje, we gathered five cigars, some new, some old, to add to your tailgating experience. Here are our Top 5 Tailgating Cigars of 2021. Don’t forget to check out our limited-time sampler in the link below.

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Nicaraguan Series by AJ Fernandez

First, on our Top 5 Tailgating Cigars 0f 2021 is a cigar from the all-star himself AJ Fernandez. When the Nicaraguan Series by AJ Fernandez came out earlier this year I was so ecstatic to try it. The first time I smoked it, I had it in the 6 x 52 Toro size and thought this would be a perfect cigar to tailgate with. To me, the size alone is a perfect smoke to start your tailgating experience off.

Rolled at AJ’s famous factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, this Nicaraguan Puro utilizes some of the best tobaccos that are grown throughout the beautiful country. Some flavor notes you may detect in this medium to full-bodied smoke are pepper, coffee, spice, and a rich earthy sweetness on the backend. Right after you’re breakfast sandwich and first cup of coffee of the day, I’d light up this bad boy.

Available in three other sizes, that come in an extremely affordable box of 15, the Nicaraguan Series by AJ Fernandez should be your new go-to smoke during the long football season that is ahead for us fans!

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Room 101 Farce Connecticut

Next up on our Top 5 Tailgating Cigars of 2021 is from Matt Booth and Room 101. Now I know I said the previous cigar was the perfect tailgating cigar, but it might actually be the Room 101 Farce Connecticut for several reasons. the 5 x 50 Robusto size available in this sampler is the perfect size to smoke RIGHT before the game or as a nightcap as you wait for traffic to die down. Also, this cigar is extremely smooth and medium-bodied and won’t be too heavy to smoke after you devoured all the food throughout your long day.

Skillfully manufactured by Boofy Baby himself, the Room 101 Farce Connecticut has a gorgeous golden Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, with filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. With the binder tobaccos being a secret only for Matt to know of, the delightful flavor notes may give you a hint as to what makes up the binder.

Some delicious flavor notes you’ll be able to detect are white pepper, sweet cocoa, and roasted cashews on the backend. Available in two other sizes that come in a box of 20, you can now get the Room 101 Farce Connecticut today and add it to your humidor!

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Southern Draw Quickdraw

Landing in the middle spot of our Top 5 Tailgating Cigars of 2021 is one of my favorite cigars from Southern Draw and Robert Holt. The Southern Draw Quickdraw in the 4.50 x 44 PA Broadleaf Corona smoke is small in size but packs a full punch with each and every puff. I personally recommend smoking this beauty after a hearty steak sandwich for lunch. This medium to full-bodied cigar uses bold, vintage tobaccos for the wrapper, binder, and filler that is stronger than it looks.

Cloaked in a dark, oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper, the Quickdraw has Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos that make up the binder and filler. Some delicious flavor notes you’ll detect while enjoying this smoke are chocolate, espresso, leather, and wood on the backend.

Available in two different sizes, the Southern Draw Quickdraw also comes in the same size, while using different tobaccos for all of the specs attached to this line. The Southern Draw Quickdraw PA Broadleaf Corona comes in an eye-catching box of 25 and is now available on our website today.

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Tatuaje T110 Limited Edition

Next up is a limited edition smoke that came out this year and is absolutely necessary to add to your tailgating needs. The Tatuaje T110 Limited Edition comes in one 4.38 x 52 Short Robusto size. However, it’s available in two different wrappers and the T110 LE 2021 Short Robusto Sumatra is the one available in the limited time sampler link at the top of the page.

We tend to look at smaller cigars and think they are on the lighter side. But the T110 is one of the stronger cigars that master blender Pete Johnson of Tatuaje has blended. In fact, the “T” in the name stands for thermonuclear, so when you smoke this gem, please be careful! If you’ve had a long day tailgating, then maybe this is a perfect smoke to enjoy right after breakfast and it is on the shorter side, you won’t have to worry about spending too much time on your cigar.

Cloaked in a brownish Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, the T110 Limited Edition uses fully aged Nicaraguan tobaccos for the binder and filler. Flavor notes you may detect in this full-bodied smoke are black pepper, earth, cocoa, and leather.

With only 2,400 boxes of 25 being produced, I highly recommend you stop by our website today and pick up this extraordinary Tatuaje blend today!

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RoMa Craft CroMagnon

Last but not least on our Top 5 Tailgating Cigars 0f 2021 is a brand that makes its way on our top 5 lists more often than not. I enjoyed this smoke after the Giants & Jets preseason game earlier this year while I waited for traffic to disappear. This 5 x 56 gem from RoMa Craft we have in our sampler is the CroMagnon.

This full-bodied blend has Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco that’s used for the wrapper, all while having Cameroon tobaccos for the binder and Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the filler. Some delicious flavor notes I detected while enjoying the RoMa Craft CroMagnon are salted caramel, coffee, fresh-cut grass, and a touch of cocoa.

Other than the 5 x 56 EMH size in this sampler, the RoMa Craft CroMagnon comes in five other sizes that are all available in a pack of 5 and a box of 24. If you’re looking for a luxurious cigar to add to your collection, look no further. The RoMa Craft CroMagnon is the one for you!

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