Top 10 Beginner Boutique Cigars

November 30, 2017

Herrera Esteli Drew Estate –

Cabaiguan Tatuaje –

Laranja Espinosa –

Sobremesa Dunbarton Tobacco –

Jericho Hill Crowned Heads –

Jacob’s Ladder Southern Draw –

Broadleaf Powstanie –

Tabernacle Foundation –

Hit & Run Matt Booth and Robert Caldwell –

El Oso Warped –

Whether you’re just getting into the cigar world looking to try some higher quality sticks or you’re an advanced aficionado this list is perfect for you. Nick boasts some of the best boutique cigars out there right now. They’re all rich in flavor and have received high marks from cigar publications. Pick up a box of some of the best boutique cigars in the business today at JRCIGARS.COM.


One response to “Top 10 Beginner Boutique Cigars”

  1. Trev says:

    I’m recently hooked & find myself in the medium/full range. I’ve been exposed to boutique cigars such as listed below & was curious to know with this selection what other would fit in my palette to check out.
    LaHacienda, LaBarba(purple), Blind Man’s Bluff, Tatuaje (Monster) etc

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