Long Ash Podcast Episode #08 with Steve Saka of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

June 24, 2019

Steve Saka chats about his new cigar Sin Compromiso and the process of making the cigar. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust has been coming out with some amazing cigars and we got talk to Steve about his journey to Dunbarton, what crazy ways he is blending his new cigars and what is coming out this year at IPCPR 2019.

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Our Website: http://www.jrcigars.com

Get the Sin Compromiso Here: https://www.jrcigars.com/cigars/handmade-cigars/dunbarton-tobacco-and-trust-cigars/sin-compromiso-seleccion/

For all other Dunbarton Cigars Go here: https://www.jrcigars.com/cigars/handmade-cigars/dunbarton-tobacco-and-trust-cigars/


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