Long Ash Podcast Episode #25

October 18, 2019

Long As Podcast Episode #25

This week on the Long Ash Podcast, Nick and Greg smoke and discuss JR’s new brand, Cabanas™. Cabanas™ will be available for purchase on jrcigars.com on Monday, October 21st, 2019.

First introduced in 1810, the brand continued on and off as a local Cuban brand until around 2005, before it was discontinued in favor of the larger more international brands.  However, the illustrious history of the modern-day cigar industry all began with this boutique, locally crafted cigar.

This combination of tobaccos gives the medium to full-bodied cigar a rich and complex profile. Notes of spice, coffee, and molasses are combined effortlessly to give you a flavorful yet smooth experience. The Cabanas™ is available in four traditional sizes: a Robusto, a Toro Gordo, a torpedo, and my personal favorite, the Churchill.

While this is our second private line from the My Father™ factory, I would have to say this is one of the finest cigars we have ever worked on and one of the best to come out of that factory. Its combination of rich flavors, near-perfect construction, and unique backstory makes Cabanas™ one of the most exciting releases of the year.  Enjoy your box today, only at JR Cigars.

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