Davidoff Millennium Blend Review

December 6, 2018

Power, luxury, excellence. Three words that describe one of, if not the best cigar manufacturer in the world, Davidoff. The Millennium Blend is exemplary of those words. A core blend in Davidoff’s prestigious and top-rated portfolio, Davidoff Millenium Blend Series is a tried-and-true classic that is renowned for providing, at the time, the most complex and bold Davidoff to date.

An Introduction to the Davidoff Millennium Blend

Initially introduced as a limited-edition release in 1999 under the name “Davidoff Millennium Collection,” the brand was reintroduced and slightly modified in 2001 to become the famous Millennium Blend it is to this day.

These jewels feature a core of choice Dominican Seco and Ligero long fillers deftly bunched inside a Dominican Seco binder, all of which have been extensively aged for four years, all dressed in a top-shelf and rare Ecuadorian Hybrid wrapper leaf found only on the Davidoff Millenium Blend.

When these gems hit the market, they were distinguished as being the boldest and most complex in the Davidoff lineup, in a time before the bold and modern releases of Yamasa, The Late Hour, and the Nicaragua Series. Although they no longer enjoy the title of being Davidoff’s boldest, they are a classic industry favorite for the incredible complexity, smoothness, and richness of their flavors

Cigar Specs

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Smoke Time: 100 Minutes

Sizes Available:

What I got with the cold draw

As I marvel at the gorgeous chocolate-brown wrapper, I pick up aromas of coffee, leather, and earth from the foot and cap, and I took notice that the foot has a slight box press to it. After admiring and cutting the expertly crafted cap, cold draws reveal nuts, dried fruit, sweet earth, and touches of spice.

There is just the slightest bit of extra resistance on the draw, which is expected with the tightly packed roll, but the draw is enjoyably open and smooth.

Notes on the first third

From the outset, I get a pleasing medley of cedar, nuts, hints of spice, and dried fruit that dance on my palate. The flavors are rich but wispy and creamy, making their presence on the palate known without being imposing.

The retrohale is also incredibly smooth, carrying notes of white pepper and cocoa flavors that typically make my nose tingle, but with the Davidoff Millennium Blend, I get to enjoy these rich flavors with none of the aggression. The ash is also notably tight and dense, grayish-white, virtually flake-free, and held on through the entire first third.

What I thought about the second third

Transitioning into the second third, the leather and cocoa grow in prominence while the dried fruit notes move to the background. The flavors overall are becoming noticeably richer. I am also getting more cedar and nuts on the finish that blend well with the forward flavors of cocoa and leather.

Passing the halfway mark, the ash finally falls off to reveal a flawless cone burn. The burn line is slightly wavey and angled but there is no need for a touch-up. There is negligible flaking, and the smoke production is starting to increase as well.

Toward the end of the second third, the spice, nuts, and leather continue to carry the profile, and I get a slight red wine richness with the occasional retrohale. I can also pick up on a faint toasted bread note.

My thoughts on the final third

Coming into the final third, I find a continued increase with the spice, nuts, and cedar, but I am also starting to uncover a touch of licorice and caramel. The smoke production also continues to increase, and the draw has appreciably opened and eased compared to the first third.

In the closing puffs, along with the rich flavors of roasted nuts, cocoa, and spice, I detect some coffee notes and some herbal tones. The full, bountiful flavors are cascading over my palate at this point, making for an unforgettable finish to a luxury smoking experience.

How strong is the cigar?

Although billed as medium-bodied, I would place this cigar somewhere between medium and medium-full. The smoke started out smooth and refined, but as it progressed it transformed and grew to be rich and savory.

If you are a newbie aficionado looking to try out this decadently good treat, I suggest you have a meal beforehand or at least a sweet snack. However, for a more experienced palate, the Davidoff Millenium Blend makes for an extravagant midday experience.

What can we pair this cigar with?

Dark roasted coffee with a touch of cream in it, or a macchiato even, would make an excellent pairing with the rich chocolatey, nutty, and spicy flavors of the Millennium Blend. Additionally, a nice, spiced rum with coffee- or chocolate-like notes would pair well with these gems.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude the Davidoff Millennium review, after smoking the Millennium Blend Series, it is clear to me why it’s been a long-standing core blend in Davidoff’s portfolio. Complex, rich, and full of progressive flavors, I recommend that any premium cigar connoisseur get a few of these gems for their humidors. If you are looking for a top-shelf cigar to celebrate any sort of special occasion, few are better than the Davidoff Millennium Blend Series.

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