Top 5 Montecristo Cigars

Montecristo Montecristo:… Montecristo Platinum:… Montecristo Monte:… Montecristo Pilotico: … Read More

Top 5 Big Game Cigars

Four Kicks:… Ashton VSG:… RoMaCraft Aquitaine:… Sobremesa: … Read More

Top 5 Cigars That Missed The List

Heres Nicks Top 5 cigars that he feels missed the CA Top 25 list this year. What do you guys feel was left off the list this year that deserved a spot? … Read More

Top 5 Stocking Stuffer Cigars

Looking for some great cigars to stick in your loved ones stocking, or your own?? Well check out Nicks Top 5 Stocking Stuffer Cigars and fill that bad boy up today! CAO Consigliere – … Read More

Top 10 Beginner Boutique Cigars

Herrera Esteli Drew Estate – Cabaiguan Tatuaje – Laranja Espinosa – Sobremesa Dunbarton Tobacco – Jericho Hill Crowned Heads – Jacob’s Ladder Southern Draw – Broadleaf Powstanie – Tabernacle Foundation – … Read More

Top 5 Lancero Cigars

Nick takes us through a list of some of his favorite Lancero cigars. This size is great for getting maximum flavor as the wrapper to filler ratio is one of perfection. What are some of your favorite Lanceros? … Read More

Top 5 Drew Estate Cigars

With some of the best cigars in the business check out Nick’s top 5 Drew Estate Cigars. Nick doesn’t always reveal his favorite cigars to smoke, but he just couldn’t resist with these incredible sticks. Be sure to pick … Read More

Weekly Cigar Roundup: We’re Under Attack!

Monday: Highclere Castle –… Tuesday: Viaje Zombie – Wednesday: Camacho Diploma – Thursday:… Friday: Hemingway Maduro – (size may … Read More

Top 10 Beginner Maduro Cigars

When you’re just getting started in the cigar world there are so many options for great cigars. We here at JR thought you could use some help finding the perfect beginner cigars so we came up with this list. Read More

Weekly Cigar Roundup: We’re Back!

Our Website: Monday: Charter Oak Maduro –… Tuesday: Tatuaje Black Label – Wednesday: Neanderthal – … Read More

Top 5 Halloween Cigars

Viaje Farmer Bill Hatchet: Tatuaje Skinny Monster Jekyll: Drew Estate KFC Swamp Thang: Tatuaje Skinny Monster Chuck: Viaje Zombie Antidote: Check out our Top 5 list of Halloween Cigars! Don’t let these names fool you, these … Read More

Weekly Cigar Roundup: Its Hot In This B*%#@

Join us for another awesome week of smokes! This Monday features a week of great cigars paired with unseasonably hot conditions. Read More

Top 5 Cigar Conversations

Nick gives you some great ideas for conversation over your next favorite cigar. What do you guys talk about while chillin out with a good cigar? … Read More

Top 5 Cigars Under $10

Check out our Top 5 list of cigars under ten dollars! We know how expensive some cigars can be, so we made this list to help get some amazing handmade cigars under 10! Now some of these smokes are … Read More

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