The Ultimate Guide To JR Rapid Fire Auctions

March 23, 2016

If you’re searching for a fast-paced cigar auction with premium smokes at an unbeatable price, the JR rapid fire auction is the one for you.

Keep reading to discover what the JR rapid fire auction is and how to get involved.

What is a JR rapid fire auction?

The JR rapid fire auction is the most fast-paced auction on our entire site and contains five packs, ten packs, singles, and more.

When a cigar listing begins on the rapid fire auction, it starts at the MRSP, and the price starts to go down rapidly.

As the price is going down, you can see the percentage you’d be saving and the progress of the auction from the burning cigar graphic on the right of the listing.

As soon as the price falls to the amount you’re willing to pay, immediately click “buy now” and “confirm.”

Can you save money by buying your cigars through auction?

You can save up to 80% off cigars on our rapid fire auction if the bidding goes right!

As previously mentioned, the price starts at the MSRP, and from there, it only goes down. The price continues to go down until someone clicks “buy now.”

You can hold off from buying as long as you want, to see how much of a discount you can get, unless that is, someone swoops in before you.

As you can imagine, this auction gives cigar beginners and aficionados the chance to buy premium smokes for a fraction of the price.

How often are the rapid fire listings?

The best thing about our rapid fire listings is that they are active 24 hours per day. As soon as one listing has finished, there is another opportunity straight away.

You can spend an entire day bidding on rapid fire listings as long as you are signed in to your JR Cigar account.

Make sure to enjoy the fast-paced auction while being in with a chance to buy great cigars at a low price with another impressive JR Cigar auction.


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