Southern Draw Jacob’s Ladder Brimstone

August 14, 2019

Southern Draw Jacob's Ladder Brimstone Cigar Review

For full bodied smokers, the most anticipated cigar of this year is the new Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder Brimstone.  This cigar actually scares me and I love a strong, full smoke.  It is not just the blend of tobaccos but also the name and the story behind it that makes it intimidating yet intriguing.

In case you don’t know, the term Jacobs Ladder originates from the Old Testament of the bible.  The prophet Jacob in search of has a dream in which he sees a ladder that reaches from the earth to the heavens, and he witnesses angels and even the lord himself descending the ladder.  When Jacob awoke, he knew the land he had discovered the new home for him and his people in modern-day Israel.  Not only did this cigar have biblical meaning to Robert Holt, but it also happened to be the name of his son, and it was his son who took the lead on the newest iteration.

Like its predecessor, the Jacobs Ladder Brimstone was handmade in Nicaragua under the guidance of AJ Fernandez.  While the original Jacobs Ladder was considered strong, the Brimstone is next level.  It uses a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper, an American broadleaf binder, and three ligero tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic for its filler.  It is incredibly bold, rich and flavorful but it is not a cigar to be taken lightly.

The Jacobs Ladder Brimstone ushers in a new age of full bodied cigars and was one of the most talked about cigars at the IPCPR trade show.  It has now arrived and is available right here at JR Cigars but be warned, eat breakfast before you smoke it.

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