Montecristo Volume 1: 100 Days Cigar Review

January 31, 2020

Montecristo Volume 1: 100 Days

Today we have a very special cigar review. I am enjoying the brand new Montecristo Volume 1: 100 Days. This cigar takes its inspiration from the Count of Montecristo, the legendary book by Alexandre Dumas and it takes its name from the chapter called, “100 Days,” which is about the 100 days after Napoleon escaped from Elba and retook his throne in France.

Outstanding cigar. Very good. There’s tobaccos in here that had been aged for 10 years, Ecuadorian wrapper and a Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco’s in there. It’s handcrafted at the legendary Flor De Copan Factory in Honduras by the Groupo de Maestros. This is an exquisite blend, even a couple inches in, very creamy, but it has a nice backend spice. The construction seems really good and obviously, the display is fantastic.

This is going to be a sleeper hit, I’m telling you. This is a very good, one of the best Montecristo’s I’ve had since the Cincuenta. It’s really up there. Elegant, very well made, the aged tobaccos, you really get that subtlety and the smoothness from the aged tobacco, but still plenty of complexity to it as well. This is a great cigar. Really is. I plan on smoking this for at least the next hundred days. See what I did? Of course, you did. So head right now to and pick up your box of the Montecristo Volume 1: 100 Days.

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