The Dramatic & Powerful Camacho Powerband

April 26, 2018

The Dramatic & Powerful Camacho Powerband

Since 1961 Camacho cigars have been lining the humidors of smokers that crave, bold, delicious Cuban style blends. Then in 2016, the company really decided to turn up the heat by producing a line of high octane, premium handmade cigars called Powerband.

Inspired by the strength, acceleration,  and raw power of a classic muscle car V-twin engine, Camacho Powerband cigars were created for smokers that prefer a medium to full-bodied stick with plenty of kick.

These fuel-injected stogies start off with an Ecuadorian-seed Habano wrapper in a sleek, oily dark brown finish. Under the hood,  you’ll find a potent blend of  Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran filler tobaccos,  surrounded by a thick and zesty Mexican San Andres binder.  Then, in keeping with its car engine inspired theme, these flavor bombs are seated in black and steel gray boxes of 20, with Powerband and “V” artfully etched on the top lid.

After spending a few moments admiring its flashy packaging, and then,  taking the torch to foot, Powerband will unleash full-throttled flavors of oak, dark coffee, pepper, and caramel, that will rev up your palate and hold your attention right down to the finish line!

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