La Jugada Habano Cigar Brand Review: The New Kids on the Block Are Kickin’ Ash

October 6, 2016

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In this cigar-review video, JR’s Nick Libretti–the #CIGARchitect–enjoys a La Jugada Habano premium handmade cigar by MoyaRuiz, an up-and-coming manufacturer that’s really been making a name for itself among cigar smokers and cigar publications alike. The La Jugada Habano is a complex Nicaraguan blend finished with an oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Every expertly handcrafted smoke in the La Jugada Habano lineup offers a brilliant balance of spicy, creamy, and nutty notes that’ll keep palate guessing as to what the next puff will bring. Packed in shining black boxes almost as sleek and beautiful as the smokes themselves, La Jugada Habano handmade premium cigars are available online at JRCIGARS.COM.


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