Ether Cigar Review: Nick Becomes A God

October 5, 2016

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Nick has transcended his human form and become a god. How did he do this? By breathing in the Ether, another private-label handmade premium cigar by the famed Boutique Blends company. The follow-up to the very successful Black Abyss cigar brand, Ether is jam-packed with flavor. Using only top-quality Dominican tobacco leaf, the guys from Aging Room knock it out of the park with the Ether premium-cigar selection, and with the a price tag of less than $100 for a box of 20, Ether cigars are not only extremely tempting, but also extremely affordable! So, check out the Ether line of premium handmade cigars available online at JRCIGARS.COM, and get ready to transcend the typical cigar experience.


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