CLE Cuarenta Cigar Review: Nick Reviews This Honduran Masterpiece

October 5, 2016

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In the cigar-review video, JR’s #CIGARchitect, Nick Libretti, not only high praise for the CLE Cuarenta line of handmade premium cigars, but also Happy Birthday (in Spanish, no less) to the brand’s famed creator, Christian Eiroa. Crafted for Christian’s 40th, the CLE Cuarenta is a medium-to-full-bodied premium puro cigar with a hearty Honduran Habano wrapper leaf surrounding a bold blend loaded with notes of sweet spice and rich cocoa. Nick’s smoking the signature size in the CLE Cuarenta selection, the 11/18–a “pregnant Toro” named for the little bump in the middle that adds some extra flavor to this longer-lasting smoke. Whether it’s your birthday or not, the CLE Cuarenta is a premium handmade cigar worth celebrating with; invite some to your next party by picking up a box online now at JRCIGARS.COM!


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