Ashton Cigar Review: The Best of The Best

August 9, 2016

Ashton is probably one of the best cigars on the market now, and has been for years. This kind of quality doesn’t come around every day (though, if you buy enough boxes, it could). Blended for Ashton by the famed Fuente family (two companies that couldn’t put out a bad cigar if they tried), the natural-wrapped Ashton is an amazingly smooth, mild cigar with a little touch of sweet flavor that keeps you wanting more. And the maduro version…well, let’s just say, HOLY SNIP! Morning, afternoon, night…it doesn’t really matter with this one, guys; any time of day, anyplace–that’s when and where an Ashton is appropriate. Get a box of either of these premium-tobacco-filled sticks from JRCIGARS.COM and taste what quality really is.


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