Why You Should Smoke Your Cigar Slowly?

September 10, 2021

Why You Should Smoke Your Cigar Slowly?

Smoking a premium handmade cigar is supposed to be an experience. Enjoyed. Savored. Appreciated. That should be reason enough for you to smoke your top-shelf cigar slowly. But there are also several tangible reasons for you to smoke your cigar slowly, too.

One of the best reasons to smoke a cigar slowly is that they burn, and like anything that burns, introducing more oxygen, that is, by puffing faster, will cause the reaction to speed up and burn hotter. This increased heat can leave a bitter, charred taste on the palate and disrupt the harmoniously good flavors that a luxury smoke should provide.

Not only will smoking too quickly possibly ruin the tasting experience of your smoke, but it may also take the enjoyment out of it as well by causing an uneven burn. Smoking too quickly can cause a myriad of burn issues, whether it be tunneling or canoeing; rather than constantly taking a torch to your stick to rectify the burn, let it rest for a minute or so to let the heat more evenly distribute through your cigar.

Shine on Cigars

These points can hold especially true for cigars with a thinner ring gauge. Lanceros and Panatelas are more sensitive to burning issues and getting too hot, so smoking more slowly helps to keep these issues in check.

Extra girthy cigars can also be susceptible to uneven burns that get out of control, however, they tend to be a little more forgiving. Yet, no cigar is immune, and smoking slowly will help you to get the best out of your smoking experience.

Cigars also contain a lot of nicotine, and if you are a more novice smoker or have not had a good meal taking on a bolder cigar, the nicotine may cause a bit of a kick as well as a bitter taste. Cigars can contain as much tobacco as a whole pack of cigarettes, so make sure you take your time when smoking a handmade cigar, especially if you are puffing on something stronger than what you are used to.

Last but certainly not least, as stated before a cigar is meant to be savored and enjoyed, and experience to be relished and not rushed. If you are finding that you often feel rushed to finish your top-shelf cigars, try out a smaller size like a Rothchild or a Petit Corona to get the most enjoyment and flavor possible from your smoking experience.

Tips for smoking a cigar more slowly

Other than being mindful of your habits and puffing only a few times per minute, you can lengthen your cigar smoking experience by pairing your favorite top-notch cigar with a drink or a meal. Not only will this intermittently diverts your attention away from the cigar, burning slower, but a cigar pairing can also elevate your experience to all-new heights.

Pairing a slow-burning cigar with a drink

There are several drink pairings to consider going with your premium cigars. Beer and whiskey are obvious choices, however, coffee, wine, rum, tequila, and cocktails can also make an excellent cigar pairing. A good rule of thumb is the darker the cigar, the bolder your drink should be, however, this by no means should be taken as gospel! Try out several different pairings and the results may surprise you.

Slow burning cigar and food combinations

Another method to help you smoke your cigar more slowly is to pair your top-notch smoke with a hearty meal. A good and juicy steak is an all-around great addition to your cigar smoking experience.

If you are a taco lover, consider a citrusy and floral Espinosa Laranja Reserva to accent the lime and hot sauce. Seafood dishes are a fantastic pairing with Connecticut-style cigars, and it is hard to beat a rich dessert with a sweet Maduro cigar.

Food to Eat With Cigars

Do some cigars burn more slowly than others?

Cigars come from a wide variety of famous manufacturers, and because of this, some cigars are built a little differently than others. This means that some cigars will inevitably burn more slowly than others.

The best way to get the most out of your smoking experience is to smoke slowly and savor the time spent with your stogie. Whether it be to avoid burn issues, a hot and bitter taste, or simply to appreciate and take delight in your smoke, taking your time with your cigar is the way to go.

Once you have mastered the art of smoking your cigar slowly, you will be enjoying your favorite cigars like never before. If you are finding that you want your cigar session to last even longer, check out our list of slow burners to stretch your premium cigar smoking experience to hours on end!


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  1. Harry Thomas says:

    Thanks for the information. It makes sense. Will smoking cigars slowly, extend the period of time elapsed before they kill you? Mine sure seem to be taking their good ole time.

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