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May 13, 2020

Top 5 Long Smokes of 2021

We’re at that time of year where the days are getting shorter by the minute. Another thing that’s getting shorter by the minute is our time to smoke outside in the gorgeous weather. We still have a month or two before the weather becomes frigid and we have to smoke inside.

For you to enjoy a little bit more of the gorgeous weather we’ve had all summer, we have a familiar Top 5 topic with newer, tastier cigars attached! Here is a new Top 5 Long Smokes to enjoy in 2021.

From the JR 50th Anniversary from Crowned Heads to Illusione, you can get this limited-time sampler at the link below. Without further ado, here is the full list of our Top 5 Long Smokes to enjoy in 2021. Enjoy!

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Crowned Heads Mother Church JR 50th Anniversary

Leading our Top 5 Long Smokes to enjoy in 2021 is a cigar that was released specifically for a celebration this year. If you haven’t noticed, here at JR, we’ve been celebrating our 50 years in the business by releasing special cigars from various companies. One of the very first ones we released was the Crowned Heads Mother Church.

The band on the Mother Church pays homage to a Nashville landmark, the Ryman Auditorium, alongside our eye-popping 50th logo on every 50th cigar we’ve released. With Crowned Heads being from Nashville, founder Jon Huber wanted to showcase his city on a cigar he knows that’d be enjoyed by the masses.

Coming in one, 7 x 48 Churchill size, the Mother Church is cloaked in an Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper, and utilizes a Connecticut Broadleaf for the binder, and Nicaraguan tobaccos for the filler. This medium to full-bodied cigar has delicious flavor notes of hickory, roasted nuts, cocoa, and black pepper on the backend.

Still available in a box of 10 on our website, treat yourself to a box of the Crowned Heads Mother Church and enjoy this smoke that averages about 75 minutes for its smoke time!

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Rocky Patel LB1

Next up on our Top 5 Long Smokes of 2021 is a popular line from Rocky Patel, the LB1. This medium-bodied smoke comes in a 7 x 48 Churchill size, with a smoke time of 65 to 70 minutes. This is one Churchill-sized cigar you do not want to rush through.

With a stunning Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, the Rocky Patel LB1 has a binder from Honduras and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. Some delicious flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the LB1 “Shaggy Foot” are fresh cut grass, espresso, toasted almonds, and a creamy finish on the backend that’s to die for.

If you’re like what you smoked and want to try the LB1 in five different sizes, that all come in a box of 20. Stop by JR’s today and get the delicious Rocky Patel LB1 now!

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Arturo Fuente Sun Grown

Landing in the third spot of our Top 5 Long Smokes of 2021 is the Arturo Fuente Sun Grown in the 7 x 49 King T Rosado size. If you’re looking for a scrumptious cigar with a smoke time upwards of 75 to 80 minutes, then this medium to the full-bodied gem is the smoke for you.

Cloaked in an Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper, King T Rosado has tobaccos from the Dominican Republic to make up the binder and the filler. Delicious flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking this vintage cigar are almonds, walnuts, cedar, and cocoa on the backend.

Coming in a box of 24 that arrive in aluminum tubes, you can now get the Arturo Fuente Sun Grown King T Rosado in our store or our website today!

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Foundation El Gueguense

Next up is a cigar from one of our favorite companies and human beings within the industry. The Foundation El Gueguense in the 7 x 48 Churchill size is fourth on our Top 5 Long Smokes of 2021 list!

This masterpiece from the former Drew Estate mastermind is a Nicaraguan Puro that’s boasting with an abundance of flavors throughout the entire smoke.

Some delicious flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking this medium to full-bodied smoke are wood, toffee, cinnamon, cedar, and hints of sweetness on the palate.

Other than the 7 x 48 size available in this sampler, the El Gueguense is available in five other sizes that come in a box of 25 cigars. Available now on our website and in-store, you can have this tasty treat in your humidor today!

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Illusione OneOff

Last, but certainly not least, is a highly-touted cigar from Dion Giolito and Illusione. Coming in at number 5 on our Top 5 Long Smokes of 2021 is the Illusione OneOff in the 7 x 47 “Julieta” size. This once limited edition brand was first released in 2002. But when it gained instant popularity and traction, founder Dion Giolito decided to make the OneOff a full-line production.

This medium-bodied Nicaraguan puro has delicious flavor notes of sweet cedar, white pepper, cocoa, and toasted almond on the backend. Besides the size available in this sampler, the OneOff by Illusione comes in seven different sizes that are all available in a box of 10.

If you’re looking to end summer with a bang, then the Illusione OneOff is the one cigar for you to treat yourself right!

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Top Slow Burning Cigars

With summer rapidly approaching, it means you’ll be outside a lot more. Whether it be grilling some of your favorite meals in your backyard, having pool parties, or enjoying a nice day in the park. Nicer weather only means one thing for cigar lovers, more time to be outside and enjoy your favorite smoke. For this week’s list, you will need all the time you can spare.

Here at JR, we wanted to compile a plethora of cigars for you that will allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the nice weather. These cigars on our Top 5 list require a little more time and effort while smoking them. Here are the Top 5 Slow Burning Cigars you can enjoy. Don’t forget to pick up your sampler here.

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Mbombay Corojo Oscuro Double Corona

To kick things off we are taking a look at the Mbombay Corojo Oscuro in the Double Corona size. The Corojo Oscuro Double Corona is one of several regular productions under the Bombay Tobak’s MBombay line. For each cigar in on this list, size matters, and the size in this smoke is quiet intriguing for all cigar lovers.

Making its national debut back in 2014, the Oscuro Double Corona has an Ecuador Corojo wrapper, while bound by an Ecuador Criollo tobacco, and filled with tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Ecuador. This medium-bodied, 7 x 52 smoke has flavor notes of cocoa, leather, and dark spice. The construction of the Corojo Oscuro is flawless and is worth the time it takes to smoke.

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Oliva Serie V Churchill

The Oliva brand is filled with such exquisite and interesting history. The Oliva Serie V is named after the first member of the Oliva to grow tobacco in the late 1800s. Their consistency throughout the years is one of many reasons why the Serie V in the Churchill size has made our list!

The Serie V Churchill is a Nicaraguan puro that is Medium to Full-bodied in strength. The 7 x 52 size that we recommend has delicious flavor notes flowing throughout this monster of a smoke. The notes you’ll taste right off the bat are Coffee and Spice but has a phenomenal dark chocolate flavor on the back end of the smoke. If you’ve never tried Oliva before, we highly recommend the Serie V in the Churchill size.

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Davidoff Winston Churchill Late Hour

It’s only fitting that we have a cigar named after a gentleman who really loved his large cigars and eventually had a size named in his honor. Another homage to Winston Churchill was naming this specific line the “Late Hour” due to the late nights Churchill would stay up working his tail off. The Winston Churchill Late Hour from Davidoff Cigars is one of the more sought after and luxurious smokes throughout the cigar land, and for good reason.

For one, the Late Hour Churchill has Nicaraguan fillers aged in malt whiskey casks, a binder from Mexico and Ecuador, and is cloaked in a gorgeous Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The 7 x 48 size that is provided on our website has notes of spiced earth, chocolate, and caramel, that flow perfectly throughout this smoke. Make sure to buy yourself one of these decedent smokes and savor every moment of it.

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Liga Privada No. 9 Corona Doble

Before Steve Saka created Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust, he was at the helm of Drew Estate cigars and wanted to create a cigar for his personal consumption, as well as a cigar that will bring retailers and consumers to their knees. Moments later, Jonathan Drew started the creation process of the Liga Privada No. 9 Corona Doble that became highly requested and very limited and rare.

The No. 9 Corona Doble uses seven different tobaccos from seven different tobacco farms, making for one hell of a cigar. Wrapped in a Connecticut Broadleaf, while being bound by Brazilian Mata Fina tobaccos and filled to the brim with tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua, the perfect size to smoke the No. 9 is the 7 x 54 size. We highly advise you to spring for a box of the Liga Privada No. 9 Corona Doble because you will not be disappointed one bit!

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Ashton Aged Maduro No. 60

Hand-rolled at the Chateau de la Fuente by the Fuente family in the Dominican Republic, the Ashton Aged Maduro No. 60 in the 8 x 52 size is the perfect size to smoke under this line. Despite its look, the Aged Maduro No. 60 is a smooth, rich smoke that has medium strength with each puff you take. Throughout the smoke, you will be able to pinpoint a hint of nutty richness that will have your palate wanting more.

The Ashton Aged Maduro No. 60 has a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, which usually initializes the sweetness you first detect when you first light it up. Next, the cigar has binders and fillers from the Dominican Republic. This smoke that is such a treat to have is great for the summer months ahead. We hope you take a gamble adding the Ashton Aged Maduro No. 60 to your humidor and enjoy it!

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