Top San Andres Wrapped Cigars

February 19, 2020

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For the past few years, Connecticut broadleaf has been the hot, new wrapper.  However, we are now starting to see a trend of highly rated, top-notch cigars being made with a dark Mexican wrapper grown in the San Andres Valley.  There was a while where Mexican tobacco was seen as inferior, but as this list will show that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

For this week’s Top 5, I decided to put together a list of my favorite San Andres wrapped cigars that I’ve smoked over the past year.  While not all of them are brand new, they became regulars in my rotation this year and in my mind among the best in the industry.

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Oliva Serie V Maduro

You’d be hard-pressed to find a line of cigars more rewarded then the Oliva Serie V.  It has been named to the Top 25 list 9 times and is considered among the best cigars ever to come out of Nicaragua.  While the original uses a stunning Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, the Maduro version uses a dark and flavorful Mexican San Andres.

The construction is just what you would expect from this cigar, solid all the way down.  Instead of heavy spice and wood notes, you instead will taste hints of dark chocolate, earth, and leather followed by a slightly nutty sweetness.

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E.P. Carrillo La Historia

While Ernesto Perez Carrillo has created quite a few blends since his sale of La Gloria Cubana, I found the La Historia to be a true return to form.  This exquisite cigar was made to express the gratitude and love that Ernesto has for his family, who are all involved in the cigar business.  Each size is named for a different member of his family, such has his father and wife.

The La Historia is handcrafted with Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos for the filler, a Sumatran binder, and a luscious Mexican San Andres wrapper.  This combination of tobaccos creates a plethora of rich and enticing flavors.  Notes of peanuts, dark roast coffee, and wood come together for a top-notch smoke.

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La Flor Dominicana 1994

La Flor Dominicana has been making some of the best, high end cigars out of the Dominican Republic for more then two decades.  The true story of the brand dates back to 1994, when Litto Gomez first entered the tobacco business.  This cigar was released to commemorate that important year, not jus tin the life of the Gomez family, but in the cigar industry as a whole.

The LFD 1994 is made up of aged Dominican tobaccos from the La Canela farm for tis filler and binder.  It is then cloaked with an exquisite San Andres wrapper.  It is the perfect mixture of strong, smooth complex and solid, with a tight ash and even burn all the way down.  Expect strong coffee notes with touches of almonds, cedar and dark fruit.

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Southern Draw Ignite San Andres

Each year, Southern Draw releases a limited edition known as Ignite.  The cigars come in a ceramic jar and proceeds go to various charities or causes.  This year, Robert Holt teamed up with the Navy Seal Foundation to create a wonderful array of cigars.

MY Favorite among the line is the San Andres Double Corona.  Handcrafted at the AJ Fernandez factory, this long smoke is rich, flavorful and complex.  Notes of cocoa and vanilla mix with earth and oak notes from the filler and binder to create a unique and flavorful experience.

Foundation Wise Man Maduro

I have been smoking this cigar as often as I can since the moment It was released.  I can’t seem to put them down.  It uses a terrific blend, with the finishing touch being one of the best-looking San Andres wrappers you will ever see.  It is dark, rich and toothy and burns incredibly from start to finish.

It has a great flavor combination and effortlessly transitions from sweet and rich, to slightly bold, to a bit spicy and then back to rich.  The retro-hale will offer up a sweetness that I can only describe as a snickers bar covered in raisins.

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