Top 5 White After Labor Day Cigars

September 4, 2019

Hello my friends, Nick Libretti here for Time for another fantastic top five video. Today we’re doing the top five white after labor day cigars.

Now you know what they say, Labor Day has come and gone. You’re not supposed to wear white anymore until I think Memorial day. I say screw that. Let’s enjoy some beautiful white labeled cigars. First we have the King of the white label. This is the Montecristo white series, the epitome of a smooth, creamy Dominican smoke. Excellent for beginners or even a seasoned aficionado who just wants something more on the mellow side. It’s creamy, has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, like coffee notes, like a milky coffee, some dash of vanilla, some cedar, and some nuts in there. Just an overall as perfect of a mellow cigar as you can possibly get.

Next up, we have the big collaboration. This is the Balmoral Dueto, which is a collaboration between the great Balmoral and the Wintermans, and of course, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. What you have here is a very complex medium. I say hindering on medium to full bodied smoke. I love the presentation. I love the cigars. Got a good amount of sweet spice to it, some nice leathery notes, but I just love how it’s laid out. I love the kind of very regal bands you have here, so that’s the perfect storm. Then when you mix a great blend with great presentation, and a couple of great companies at a great price point, fantastic cigar.

Now I know it’s not time for Thanksgiving yet, but I was always a fan of the white meat. So I went with Viaje. Hey, this is the Thanksgiving, the white meat. There’s no dark meat and the white meat. This is the white meat. Great Nicaraguan smoke, nice oily wrapper, very simple band. Viaje, they go like one of two ways. Either they’re very complex, super themed craziness or just a white band and it says Viaje. But what matters is what’s inside and what’s inside is a fantastic combination of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos that really bring out a nice spicy, meaty flavor. I would think I would actually go well with Turkey. What do you think? I think.

Here we have what I have considered for a long time to be the perfect morning cigar. This is the Ashton aged Maduro. Not only the perfect morning cigar, but also this is the cigar that taught me that a dark cigar does not have to be strong. In fact, it relies very little on strength, and the darkness is all about the flavor. This is an aged Connecticut broadleaf wrapper over Dominican binders and fillers. It’s very smooth and creamy, but also rich, has some dark chocolate and some dark coffee notes; but it is the perfect cigar for your morning with your cup of coffee with the exception of like an actual infused, like a Java or Tabak. This is the cigar I would go to with your cup of joe in the morning. Fantastic, very high end. But in terms of the entire Ashton line, pretty affordable as well.

Lastly, we have what I think is one of the most underrated cigars on the market today. This is the Guaimoro. It comes out of the same factory as the RoMa Craft, so the Nica Sueno factory. Handcrafted, uses Nicaraguan tobaccos in there. I love that box press. I mean for the price and the flavor, and the simplicity in the band. It’s a diamond in the rough, man. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it, why more people aren’t smoking it. It’s one of my favorite cigars in the past couple of years. It needs a little more love. So go out there and try out the Guaimoro. It’s a fantastic smoke, and I think one of the top tier ones coming out of NicaSueno to be honest.

So my friends, the summer has come to an end, but my favorite time of year is abound us; that is fall. So fall into fall, fall into football season, and fall into your post Labor Day blues with a fantastic sampler from us here at JR Cigars. You will never find a price like this on these cigars anywhere else. Leave some comments below. What were some of your favorite cigars for your entire summer, and what are some of your favorite white after Labor Day cigars? Let us know. Enjoy. Thank you.


Montecristo White Series


4.35 Stars

Balmoral Serie Signaturas Dueto


Not Rated

Viaje Thanksgiving Leftovers White Meat


Not Rated

Ashton Aged Maduro


4.5 Stars



Not Rated


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