Top 5 Unique Shaped Cigars

September 25, 2019

Hello, my friends, Nick Libretti here for Time for another fantastic top five videos. Today we’re doing top five best weird-shaped cigars.

As you know, cigars come in various shapes and sizes. Normally you have your parejos, which are your straight kind of rounded ones, and then you have your box-presses. But, then you have things called figurados or perfectos, kind of different shapes can give you a different experience, a different draw. So let’s start off right here with the Neanderthal from our good friends over at RoMa Craft. Obviously, named after the Neanderthal, like the caveman, and it looks like a club. Look at that. But, fantastic looking cigar, nice dark wrapper, a lot of rich flavor to it. Out of their regular line, I think this is right up there with the Cromagna, in terms of my favorite RoMa Craft. I just love the profile. I love how the flavors work together, and I love that size. Even though it’s got that nice cool bump in the middle, and you think it’s going to burn weird, it doesn’t. Straight and even every time.

Next up is that classic little tail from Arturo Fuente. This is the Hemingway Short Story. There’s three different kinds of perfecto shapes in the Hemingway series. You Have, well actually they all are, but in terms of this kind of short fat ones, you have the Short Story, the Bestseller, and the Work of Art, the Short Story being the smallest out of them. Dominican tobaccos in there for that nice nutty, rich core, and then a nice toothy Cameroon wrapper on the outside. A fantastic smoke, always a classic, and even in that short size, because you had that kind of bulge in there, it’s going to give you a decent amount of smoke time. So that’s always nice. It’s a Short Story, but a good tale.

Here we have the beautiful and flavorful Southern Draw Rose of Sharon, named after Robert Holt’s lovely wife, Sharon. I love the dual pink bands, it really represents the feminine. And what you have here is a very solid mellow to medium-bodied smoke, one of the best coming out of the Southern Draw lineup. Connecticut wrapper adds some nice nuanced flavor in there. I love the double perfecto size, the two tapers here. A really cool take on a very traditional kind of perfecto size, but I really enjoy it. Burns really well. Only got to the light at for a second, and then that burn mark is going to open up right there, give you a nice even burn all the way through. Fantastic cigar and really unique size.

You can’t have one of these lists without the Drew Estate pig on it. I went with the Liga Privada No. 9 in the Flying Pig size. Short, fat, stubby. Honestly, different shape. Everyone thinks that it’s the same, it’s not. The flying pigs that are available in the Ligas and in the Undercrown series are different than the Feral Flying Pig. The Feral’s actually a little bit longer. Here, there’s a little short and fat guy, but because of how thick it is, because of the amount of filler and binder tobacco in there, it’s going to burn for a long time. It’s going to give you brilliant solid ash. Several pictures on there, you can see that ash right on its head like that. And you still get those nice dark rich flavors from that broadleaf wrapper. So a fantastic smoke, and one of the coolest shapes on the market.

Lastly, we have the Island Jim here made for Island Jim out of Pittsburgh, the co-creator of the Leaf By Oscar series. These are made by Oscar Valladares. I was getting his last name wrong, but a fantastic blender. I love this Island Jim. Very bizarre looking smoke. You have the kind of big frayed end here, you have the dual wrapper right here so you can kind of get two different flavor experiences. But a fantastic smoke, and the first time I smoked this, I was surprised. I thought it was going to taste good, but I thought it was going to burn really funky. It doesn’t. Once you get that frayed end, and it goes past there, it is a straight burn all the way to the end, man. Fantastic cigar and a really cool concept.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, please lend me your ears. Put down in the comments, what are some weird shapes of yours that you really enjoy? What are we missing from this list? And also, that this is a very nice sample that we’re going to put together for you. Probably one of our weirdest shapes samples, it’s not even going to come in a package, it’s going to come in a like an octagon. You can’t even figure it out. Click the link below to buy the sampler. Keep watching us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and thank you very much.


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RoMa Craft Neanderthal


4.5 Stars

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story


4.5 Stars

Southern Draw Rose of Sharon


Not Rated

Liga Privada No. 9


Not Rated

Island Jim


Not Rated


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