Top 5 Top Underrated Cigars

March 20, 2019

Friends, Nick Libretti here for, and today we are talking about the five most underrated cigars.

Now when I say underrated, no one thinks these cigars aren’t good. Everyone knows that they’re amazing, but they’re not talked about nearly as much as they should be. Nowadays, people, and I’m totally guilty of it too, we talk about the brand new RoMa Craft or the Tatuaje Monster. This thing, another thing, and the opposite, but a lot of these companies have some very, very reliable, budget-friendly and delicious brands that some of you might not not even have heard of or some of you have maybe just glanced around, glanced over in a cigar shop. We’re going fix that right here, right now.

Starting off with what used to be my everyday smoke. This is the Arturo Fuente Cuban Bellacoso in the Sungrown. For $6, $7, you are not going find a better Sungrown than this. The entire Sungrown series, the Chateaux, even the 858 Sungrown, if you can find them. This is what makes Fuente as good as it is. The Opus X is, yes, one of the best cigars ever created, but they’re hard to find. No one really smokes boxes of them. This is the cigar that really showcases Fuente’s talent, their ingenuity and above all, you can get an amazing cigar for a low price. Not a low price, but a good price. That’s Fuente’s whole thing. Except for Opus X, they’re the outlier. But all their cigars are very reasonably placed and absolutely outstanding.

Now, Montecristos, since time in memoriam … I don’t know who Memoriam is. She sounds like she’s an old lady. But since back in the times, Montecristo has had the name. You know, the biggest, best cigar in the world, the most famous. You know, you had the Cuban Monte and now you have the White Series of Dominica. A lot of great cigars. One of the best ever made. But have you ever tried the Montecristo Platinum? You should. I rave about this cigar. I’ve included it in a few of my other videos, as well. This is a great medium to full body, flavorful, complex. A lot of different things going on. But you don’t see it. You don’t see a lot of pictures of it. You don’t see it a lot on any of the forums. Montecristo Platinum is an unbelievable blend that I think you should try right away.

Now, in a long before times, before people were trying to make the strongest cigar ever and they just kept making them stronger and stronger and stronger, there was simply the El Rico Habano. This was the strongest cigar ever, before people tried to make the strongest cigar ever. E.P. Carillo just simply made an amazing blend and it turned out excellent, but very strong. This was the pinnacle of strength for a number of years. I have it in the Maduro, so it’s got that dark, rich, brawly flavor, but with some intense Dominican tobaccos in there. Make sure you’re sitting down when you have this one.

The next two are actually from the same factory, but two different companies. Now when you think of My Father, you think of the Flor de las Antillas, you think of the My Father itself through the Le Bijou. Not a lot of people go to Centurion, but they definitely should. This actually might be my favorite. It’s tough, but it’s definitely in the top three, because I really like the Le Bijou, also. But top three cigars to ever come out of his factory. It is complex. It is endearing. It is so smokey and sweet and spicy all at the same time, and I love that nice Touro size. You know me, I’m not a huge box press guy. I go for a Perejo. And the price is right on this. You’re not paying out the wazoo like you would for maybe like a Le Bijou. This is an excellent cigar for a great price.

Lastly, also coming out of the My Father factory, we have a Tatuaje. Now I know what you’re saying, “Oh, Tatuaje, they’re not underrated. People always talk about them.” Shut up. The Tatuaje Tattoo, for an under six bucks smoke, one of the best Nicaraguans you will ever have in your lifetime. All right? It is insanely good. Comes in nice big boxes of 50. A great blend. Strong, on the stronger side, but not overbearingly strong, and this nice little Robusto size. Never had one that burned bad. Never had one that didn’t give me a lot of great flavor or that canoed in any way. It’s an excellent all around smoke for a ridiculously low price, especially for a Tatuaje.

So, a lot of you guys out there might have heard of these, a lot of you might smoke them regularly, but I don’t feel they get the necessary … you know, ambient, necessary … whatever. People don’t look at them as much as they should. So make sure you’re checking all these cigars out. Links are in the bottom. Why don’t you comment and tell me what you feel is an underrated cigar that you want to bring to the forefront, that you want to bring into the light? Also, favorite Charlton Heston movie. I have to go with Ben Hur, definitely, or Soylent Green. Two very classics. So, thank you very much. Like, subscribe, share, and above all, stay smoky.




Ramon Allones by AJ Fernandez



Montecristo Espada



My Father El Centurion H-2K-CT



Casa Fernandez Guardian Of The Farm



Romeo by Romeo y Julieta




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