Top 5 Small Cigars

January 8, 2020

Hello my friends, Nick Libretti here for It’s a new year, It’s a new me. I’m wearing a hat now. Different kind of hat. But you know, you get into the new year baby, you’ve got to change it up. Refresh. You don’t think of refresh rate on a TV, 120 Hertz.

So, great top five for you today. It’s getting cold out there, but you still want to enjoy a nice smoke. So what do you do? You get something a little smaller. So today we have the top five best small cigars.

RoMa Craft Baka

Starting off. We have the brand new RoMa Craft Baka. This is the pygmy, very nice small cigar, a nice oily Cameroon wrapper named after like a Hayden tribe that’s native to the nation of Cameroon in Africa. And obviously the pygmy is, you know, it’s the size fits the name or the name fits the size, whatever you want to do.

But a lot of smoke, a lot of nice, nutty flavor. One of the best looking Cameroon wrappers I’ve ever seen. Usually I don’t remember them being this dark and has some great, almost like a leopard print on some great little spots on there.

Just really, really good looking smoke and delicious too. Nice Woody notes. Like I said, a little bit of spice in there. Very full-flavored. Absolutely delicious.

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Ashton VSG

Next up we have the Ashton VSG that Trey mystique. Cool name, huh? What’s cool cigar. This little box press got the Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper over those Dominican tobaccos handcrafted by the Fuente family, one of the most legendary and respected cigars ever.

Top 25 contenders several times. Been around for decades now, but this will send me a lot of flavor in a small package. At least that’s what my ex told me. So a lot of nice smoke, a lot, a lot of rich flavor in here, so nice pepper in there.

Some may zest some nice nutty notes as well from Dominican tobacco. Just fantastic cigar and even though it’s smaller, it’s going to last you a little bit.

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La Flor Dominicana

Next up we have the LA Flor Dominicana, the La Nox in the petite size. This dark wrapper really adds in some nice rich flavors and nice rich heavy flavors. A lot of smoke going to come off this, especially in that smaller size, really is kind of concentrated in there.

Similar to the Ashton VSG, even though it’s smaller, it’s going to last you a long time. One of my favorite cigars from La Flor, it’s up there definitely with like the Andalusian Bull and the Coronado, but the La Nox fantastic cigar in a fantastic size.

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Liga Privada No. 9

Here we have the Liga Privada number nine in the petite Corona. Now behind the Corona Viva, which I’ve said many times is my favorite size of the Liga.  This one’s up next.

Again, I like the smaller size. I like that ratio of wrapper to filler smooth and set out a little bit, but much like the other dark cigars on this list, small package going to give you a lot of flavor and a lot of smoke, so just make sure you don’t smoke it anywhere that’s too close, you know, make sure it’s like a ventilated area or outside that Connecticut broadleaf wrapper going to add in some nice sweet tones, some nice dark richness as well.

Nicaraguan tobacco is going to give you a tiny bit of spice, a fantastic overall smoke. I mean one of my number ones for a very long time and I do like this size for the wintertime. Very nice.

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Davidoff Signature Series

To conclude the top small cigars list, here we have the Davidoff signature series in the petite Corona. Now oddly enough for these kinds of original Davidoff before they really went into the black label and the Winston Churchill’s for these original Davidoff’s that were very mellow, yet flavorful.

These are the sizes that you should really enjoy them in either smaller, petite Corona sizes or you know, just thinner engages. It’s kind of the European style and it’s really what they were made, how they were made to be enjoyed as kind of in a size like this.

So you’re going to get the optimal flavor but still nice, smooth, mellow, creamy. Those Dominican tobaccos are, are, have matured so much. It’s, it’s like literally like velvet coming out. Not as much smoke as you’re going to see on the other ones because it has that Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper on there.

But like I said, very smooth. Some vanilla notes in there, some nuts. Overall, tre magnifique, I was trying to think of some French word that was a good adjective and that’s what I got. But awesome smoke. Like I said, this is the size you should be smoking these Davidoffs in.

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