Top 5 Cigars from Aganorsa Leaf

November 21, 2019

Aganorsa Leaf, formerly known as Casa Fernandez, is one of the hottest manufacturers in Nicaragua today.  The company is responsible not only for a slew of top-notch brands under their own names, but it is also working with some of the top boutique companies in the world on several blends.

While the brand doesn’t have the name notoriety of a Padron or an Oliva, if you are a serious cigar smoker, then you have definitely smoked and enjoyed a cigar from Aganorsa.  Let’s look at the top cigars from the great Aganorsa leaf.

Guardian Of The Farm Apollo Seleccion de Warp

This is not only one of the best cigars from Aganorsa, but one of my favorite Nicaraguan cigars on the market today.  While the entire Guardian of the Farm line is fantastic, the Seleccion de Warp combines a great blend with its perfect size.

The flavor profile has notes of sweet spice, almonds, and a dash of leather for a complex and rich experience.  This size really optimizes your flavor as well as offering up premium construction.  If you don’t believe me, just go check out the Top 25 Cigars of 2017 list.

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Foundation El Gueguense

Another highly rated and popular smoke, the El Gueguense was the debut cigar for Nick Melillo after leaving Drew Estate.  While everyone was anticipating a bold broadleaf smoke, Nick shocked the cigar world by teaming up with Aganorsa to create this love letter to Nicaragua.

Using Corojo 99 tobaccos for the filler, binder and wrapper, this is an outstanding example of the versatility of Nicaraguan tobacco and the abilities of both Nick and Aganorsa.  Notes of cinnamon, nuts, earth and sweet spice combine for a cigar that was named to the Top 25 the year of its release.

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Illusione ECCJ 20th

The Illusione ECCJ has quite a cool story behind it.  The name is derived from the European Cigar Cult Journal, a publication now known as Cigar journal.  Back in 2008, Illusione created a cigar to celebrate the magazine’s 15th anniversary, known as the Illusione ECCJ.  In 2014, Dion Giolito released a tweaked blend of this highly sought-after cigar.

The ECCJ 20th is one of my favorite Illusione blends, right alongside the OneOff.  It boasts not only an incredible blend and profile but some of the best construction you will ever see.  Using a blend of Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo tobaccos, Aganorsa created a superb blend for the Illusione brand and one that received a 94 rating from HalfWheel.

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Warped Gran Reserva 1988

Every year a new Warped cigar launches, and every year I say this is my favorite Warped cigar.  This has never been truer than with the release of the Warped Gran Reserva 1988.  Released for the year founder Kyle Gellis was born, this cigar showcases not only the talents of this young man but the ability of Aganorsa to make a perfect blend for their different collaborators.

Kyle is a longtime collaborator with Aganorsa and their time together has shown them both grow in terms of their ingenuity and creativity.  The 1988 offers up a top-notch blend with incredible flavor and one of the most consistent burns I have ever seen.

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Viaje Bales on Bales

Starting right here with the Viaje Bales on Bales, from the brand new Craft series. Using straight Nicaraguan tobacco. Very vivacious, that’s an interesting word. A good amount of spice, some nutty notes to it as well.

Love the packaging. Simple yet elegant.  The great thing about Aganorsa is they’re able to take their blending practices, but also relate to each theme of the different brands that they work with. So this is very Viaje-esque.

Even though it’s made by somebody else, they really did it attuned to the Viaje theme, both in terms of flavor construction and overall appearance, so good job there.

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