Top 5 Cigars for Samhain

October 31, 2019

Hello, my friends. Nick Libretti here for, and it’s time for a very spooky top five. Yes, it is time for the top five cigars perfect for Samhain and Halloween.

Halloween is upon us, and it’s time to pick out your five favorite cigars to enjoy on this spooky holiday.

Viaje Private Keep Tangerine

Let’s start off right here, the Private Keep Tangerine from Viaje. The Private Keep, I really thought of … What’s his name, the guy from Frankenstein. Not Icarus. Igor, in the keep, like, “Oh, master,” and he’s hiding down there, but he’s got some great cigars with him.

Corojo tobacco’s in here from Nicaragua. Got the closed foot, nice curlicue pigtail, beautiful shape. We got that nice six by 50. I don’t know, it looks very natural and rustic. It reminds me of a fall time.

It’s got that nice woodsy, little spice flavor to it and a good amount of citrus as well. Very good Halloween cigar right there.

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Here, I mean, obviously, you can tell by the thematics of it. The Boneshaker, baby. One of our private labels here, one of our best private labels. Big, bold, and beautiful. Handcrafted at the same factory that makes several of Steve Saka’s lines.

This Nicaraguan is just bristling with heavy flavors, nice dark wrapper, rich heavy notes of wood. Little meaty in there. Beefy, a beefy taste to it, but also very dark chocolate and a good amount of spice.

Obviously, you know the Boneshaker and the Maul and all the different sizes. Very Halloweeny.

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Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

Now, of course, you can’t have a Halloween lineup of cigars without including the legendary Monster series by Pete Johnson and the good folks over at Tatuaje.

Today we have the Drac in the lancero size. The Drac obviously named after Count Dracula, legendary and very famous, Transylvanian politician, warrior, and doctor, actually. He was in the medical field.

With the Drac, you have an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over choice aged Nicaraguan fillers and binders. Not as rich as, let’s say, the Jason, which is one of my favorites, but if you’re looking for more of a spicy… meeting the full spicy version, the Drac is the one you’re looking for.

Again, in this lancero size, really compounds the flavor. Much better wrapper to filler ratio, so you get a lot of flavor on it, and the construction is just on point, which is what you look for in this kind of size.

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Black Label Trading Co. Santa Muerte

Here, from Black Label Trading Company, we have the Mexican personification of death, the Santa Muerte. This cigar uses tobacco from six different countries, including the DR, Mexico, Nicaragua. Nice wrapper on it.

I like this kind of shorter, fat Robusto. A lot of good spice on it. A lot of woodsy notes, too. Some nuts in there as well and a nice leather on the retrohale that I find.

A fantastic cigar and a great way to bring in Samhain, baby. He’s knocking. Get your candy ready.

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Las Calaveras 2019 Limited Edition

Lastly, this literally means the day of the dead or something along those lines. It’s literally like the soul of the dead. It’s something… Something died. Now they have the Las Calaveras from Jon Huber over at Crown Heads.

Teamed up, of course, Pepin Garcia over at the My Father factory. Annual release. Been coming out since, I believe, 2014. This is the best one, I think, since the beginning. Oily, oily wrapper. I mean, you can just see it bristling with oils there. What’s that mean? A lot of flavor.

It’s a higher priming leaf, so you know there’s going to be a lot of flavor to it, and just the quality is going to be off the charts. That’s exactly what you get with this. One of the best cigars of the year, and I think definitely one of the best Las Calaveras releases.

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So, my friends, thank you very much. Enjoy your Halloween. Please trick or treat safely, if you’re doing so. Otherwise, check out our special Halloween podcast tomorrow, where we’re going to put Greg in something just… It’s going to be fantastic. And we’ll announce the winners from our Xikar Halloween contest giveaway.  At the bottom click the buy now button to purchase this 5 cigar sampler today.

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