Top 5 Cigars For Rum Lovers

September 11, 2019

Hello my friends, Nick Libretti here for Time for another fantastic top five video, and boy today do I have a good one for you. Man, we thought about this one a long time. This is top five cigars for the rum lover.

If you’re like me, then you drink a lot to ease the pain and what is a better cigar pairing beverage than a nice spiced rum. We have some fantastic cigars today we’re going to go through and show you. First, we have this nice limited edition from the Crowned Heads. This is the Four Kicks Mule Kick 2019. Handcrafted, has a beautiful Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper on there. Good amount of like a light spice to it, some earthy notes. I mean it’s going to go well. You’ve got rum in like a chalice. How do they drink rum? Yeah, in like a chalice, but moreover, the cigar is fantastic. Whatever kind of rum you’re drinking, this is going to go perfectly with it.

Next up, this is I think my favorite size because it’s a parejo, it’s a rounded. This is the Flor de Las Antillas, number one cigar of the year from My Father. I think put them on the map just as much as the original My Father line did. Fantastic cigar. Nicaraguan Puro. Has a Nicaraguan sun grown wrapper on it. In this special size it normally only comes in a three pack. You get the parejo shape, so that rounded shape instead of the traditional box press that it comes in. Beautiful, beautiful medium to full bodied cigar. Not too strong. It’s those nice little spice notes and that tad of richness that’s really going to pair well with your Sailor Jerry.

Everyone knows this, don’t you? This is the Oliva V series in this kind of short belicoso size. Kind of looks like a bullet or like a mortar round. Awesome. Nicaraguan through and through. Man, this is one of the most famous cigars to come out of Nicaragua. I picked this one for the pairing because when I was in Nicaragua I had some of the very famous Flor de Cana, the Nicaraguan rum, very notable and highly rewarded rum. I drank some with an Oliva V series and I was just transported to another table in the same place and I had some more. That’s what happened. Fantastic cigar though, but obviously it’s Oliva V series, we all know it.

The Ashton VSG Virgin sun grown uses an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper, hand rolled over Dominican filler and binder. Crafted by the famous Fuente family for the Ashton company. This is going to be for a more darker rum, with that darker wrapper. A lot more robust, so it’s going to go good with a little darker, maybe even a little bit of a sweeter rum. With that Dominican filler there’s a little bit of a nutty sweetness. Very complex. Just very good. I mean look at that. It’s regal. It’s a king. Only kings smoke this, so knight yourself.

Lastly, we have here the Tatuaje Reserva Cojonu 2012. Again, a nice Ecuadorian wrapper. A little bit of a darker tint to it. That, I mean if you’re drinking rum all day, that’s an all day cigar right there. Nice leather earthy notes to it, also some nuts. And, like the other cigars, it has that light dash of spices. It’s not overly spicy. It has the perfect amount to counterbalance your Caribbean drink. But a fantastic cigar, one of these staples of the Tatuaje lineup and one of my favorites.

Friends, as always, look what we did for you. Look what we did for you. You can’t find these cigars at this price anywhere else, or in this sampler, or in this order. Right? We put them in a special order going from this one to that one. It’s a very specific order. So, be a friend to us as we are to you. Go to JR Cigars right now, pick up this extremely limited sampler, and enjoy man. I mean it’s fall coming up. Have rum at your tailgate because that’s what people do. Enjoy.




Crowned Heads Four Kicks Mule Kick LE


Not Rated

My Father Flor de Las Antillas


4.5 Stars

Oliva Serie V


4.5 Stars

Ashton Aged Maduro


4.5 Stars

Tatuaje Reserva Cojonu 2012


3.5 Stars


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