Top 5 Cigars for Louie’s Wedding

October 1, 2019

Hello my friends. Nick Libretti here for Time for another fantastic top five video. This is actually a very special one. It is my very dear friend’s wedding this weekend, so we’re going to do top five cigars that I’m bringing to Louie’s wedding.

Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

So, to start off, you need something nice and smooth, not too expensive, some kind of just neutral mellow and medium bodied cigar for the everyday folk there. So I went with the Alec Bradley in this nice Connecticut wrapper, delicious, smooth, mellow, nice nutty notes to it. It’s a great cigar.

The nice Robusto size, not going to get too much on the suit. You don’t have to be outside too many times and your wife’s bitching at you so you get to come back. It’s a fantastic choice. It’s a fantastic cigar.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Now this is a cigar for the best man here. My buddy Ryan. We call him Tall Ryan. Ryan is a big Fuente fan, so we’re going with the tall Hemingway here.

Double perfected. Got the tapered ends here, a Cameroon wrapper, Dominican fillers in there. Very nutty, nice leather notes to it. The Hemingway, it was the Opus of if its time.

Before there was Opus, there was the Hemingway series. Still to this day, one of the best Dominican cigars on the market.

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My Father The Judge

Now this one is for the father-in-law. This is the My Father The Judge, because he’s going to be judging everything Louie does, “You don’t do that to my daughter.”

But at the end of the day you have a fantastic cigar on a beautiful day. Nice, rich, dark notes. Those Nicaraguan tobaccos really combine well for a fantastic overall smoke. Wonderful aroma.

It’s just a great way to end a special day, and it’s going to be a special day.

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Foundation The Tabernacle No. 142

Now, for me, because I’m going, it’s me, I’m going with the Tabernacle Havana Seed Connecticut 142. A very special smoke from Nick Melillo. I just really like the flavor profile of it. It’s one of my favorite cigars.

Every cigar from him I always say is one of my favorites because it’s true. But in terms of some of his newer stuff, this is just fantastic. Love that Robusto size. Great weight to it.

So just visually and construction-wise you can tell it’s a fantastic smoke. And such a unique flavor profile, especially on that retro hale. This is a solid smoke and a great way for me to enjoy what’s going to be this amazing occasion.

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Davidoff Aniversario Special R Tubos

And for Louie, he needs something special. It’s his big day. So I went with a Davidoff, of course. White, it’s wedding. Come on, it’s a nice day, white wedding. What was his name? Billy Joel.

So I went with a nice smooth Dominican Davidoff, the Aniversario, because eventually it will be. And you don’t get better than this. This is the highest of the high end, smooth, creamy, very flavorful for a mellow cigar.

Mellow in body only. Flavor profile, mellow to medium, maybe a solid medium. Great notes working in combination here. Some nice little fruit notes as well. Just the top of the top. And I think a perfect smoke for any groom.

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So, my friends, what did you smoke when the bells rang on that day in your life? Let me know. What were your wedding cigars?

By the way, fantastic sampler available in honor of Louie. You can get them right here at Check the link down below, and have yourself a fantastic week.


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