Top 5 Christmas Cigar Gifts

December 25, 2019

Top 5 Christmas Cigars of 2020

Hello, my friends, and ho ho ho to you from Nick Libretti here at Very special top five we have during this holiday season. Now I created this pack and created this top five in like a very like three kings bringing gifts for the baby Jesus, but it’s a little too political and Greg didn’t like the name so I’m going to have him name it something else later, but you get the gist. There’s going to be various things in this top five, basically Christmas gifts. So don’t forget to check out this limited time sampler in the link below.

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Stainless Steel 4 Stirrup Tall Stinky Ashtray

Starting out, we have a stinky ashtray. This is like the Jeep of ashtrays, durable, not that expensive, very nice looking, solid. You hear that? Exactly. You’ll see these in cigar lounges and man caves around the country. This is a very good ashtray. Price is great on it. It’s got a deep dish. You don’t have to worry about ash like falling out of the thing. Very easy to clean, just dump it, shoot a little Windex in there. Comes in a variety of colors we have like… I like the straight kind of silver. There’s also one that’s like a copper patina that looks very artsy, so if you’re into like, I don’t know, art that might work out for you.

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Foundation The Tabernacle No. 142

We have some cigars in this top five Christmas pack and they’re all based again on like the three kings, the three wise men if you will. First we have the Tabernacle Connecticut Havana seed 142 from Nick Melillo at Foundation. Uses that special Connecticut Havana seed wrapper on it. Very good smoke in this Lancero size, really accentuates the flavor a lot. One of my favorite new cigars in the past few years and not only is this a king on top, but he’s also considered the wise man. He was like the wise king. He’s descended from Solomon who was also in the Bible. It’s Christmasy. It even has like kind of Christmas colors like white and red there. It’s Christmas.

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Caldwell Cigar Co. and Drew Estate All Out Kings

What other cigars we have in here? Oh, we have the All Out Kings. Big collaboration from Robert Caldwell and Drew Estate. Based a lot upon the Last Czar and the Liga T52 blends and they came together. Very strong smoke, very flavorful, one of my favorite collaborations. There was a lot of hype going on about this cigar and I think they really were able to achieve that hype. And I also love it in the smaller almost Corona-ish size, Corona grande maybe, but a lot of flavor, a lot of smoke in a nice little package.

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Diamond Crown Maximus

We three kings, we smoked a Diamond Crown Maximus, right? That’s how the song goes. So Diamond Crown have their three big lines, the original Diamond Drown, the Julius Caesar, and of course the Maximus, in my mind, the best out of all three, the most flavorful, nice medium to full body. A lot of great complexity, handcrafted by the Fuente family, so you know the quality is just going to be outstanding. And very festive band, it just reminds you of festivities and festival. Great cigar, great for Christmas. Great anytime of year.

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Liga Privada Unico Serie

While the master blenders over at Drew Estate were experimenting with different tobaccos and blends, they struck gold with the Liga Privada Unico Serie. The collection of cigars in the Liga Privada series have all been highly rated and sought after by thousands of cigar lovers. With all the unique and limited tobacco used for the Liga Privada, this series is a private label and isn’t readily available at all times. The Liga Privada Unico Serie Ratzilla is a 6.25 x 46 medium to full-bodied smoke that is boasting with rich flavors. Cloaked in a Connecticut Habano wrapper, with a Brazilian binder, and fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua, you’ll detect luscious flavor notes of leather, pepper, spice, and coffee. The Ratzilla is just another example of the great creations from the talented people over at Drew Estate.

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Aging Room Quattro by Rafael Nodal

Made with the best blend of 100% Cuban-seeded tobaccos, our last Christmas cigar is the Aging Room Quattro by Rafael Nodal. Landing the number one spot on the Top 25 Cigar of the Year in 2019, Rafael reached out to long time friend AJ Fernandez to create this medium to full-bodied Nicaraguan puro. This perfectly rolled smoke has delicious flavor notes of white pepper, nuts, spice, earth, and espresso that pairs nicely with a glass of red wine. Cigar enthusiasts that prefer a smooth, rich smoke with an abundance of rewarding flavors, then it is worth having the Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua in your humidor!

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Xikar XI2 Custom Ugly Xmas Sweater Cigar Cutter

And what else do we have in here? Oh, we have this limited edition Xikar Christmas cutter. It’s an ugly sweater cutter made just for us at Only a hundred of these were made and we only were able to put a small amount in these packs. Never going to see it again. It’s the teardrop, the Xi1, but with this ugly sweater skin on it. Again, you can’t Google this. You can’t find it anywhere else. It’s only going to be available here in this pack and we have a few for sale later on, but extremely limited.

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So my friends for our top five Christmas gifts from the wise men, you’re going to get the stinky ashtray. You’re going to get the Diamond Crown Maximus, the All Out Kings from Caldwell and Drew Estate, and the Tabernacle Connecticut Havana seed 142, as well as this incredibly limited edition, ugly Christmas sweater cutter from Xikar. What a pack, what a pack indeed. Don’t you want to… Imagine waking up to all this Christmas morning and you open up the box and “Oh.” You have a slice of Pannetone, a little butter, a cup of coffee. That’s Christmas morning right there. Happy holidays from Nick Libretti and everyone here at

Top 5 Christmas Cigars of 2019


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