Top 4 Cigar Dojo Releases

October 25, 2019

Hello, my friends. Nick Libretti here for Time for another amazing top four? Old the presses, today we have a very unique video where we’re going to be celebrating the top four best cigars released from Cigar Dojo.

Now, as many of you know, Cigar Dojo is one of the leading cigar review websites. They have a bunch of fantastic content, reviews, contests, and their Friday night Smoke Night live show. Big fan, I’m actually going to be on this Friday, so be sure to check me out.

But they also do a bunch of limited cigar releases, usually through certain companies. But then after a while, they are given a general release.

RoMa Craft Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794

So today we’re going to look at the four best Cigar Dojo releases, starting off right here with this little guy. This is the Whiskey Rebellion. It’s under the Intemperance line from RoMa Craft, made to commemorate the Whiskey Rebellion.

It was a rebellion. I think it was against a whiskey tax in the late 1700s after the American Revolution. Fantastic cigar, a lot of nice flavors going on, Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos followed by an Indonesian binder, and then a stunning Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Nice and dark, a lot of spice, a lot of smokey notes to it as well.

And I love this kind of frayed end, where you notice here that the actual foot of the cigar does not have part of the wrapper. It’s actually binder. So you actually get to taste the difference between what the binder and filler taste like on its own, and then get that nice wrapper taste in there. Very unique and very delicious cigar.

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Untitled Project From Room 101 & Cigar Dojo

Next up, we have a release that was actually done right here at J.R. Cigar. We have the Untitled Project from Room 101. Really weird story, Matt Booth was talking to Eric over at Cigar Dojo and something about putting his feet in ramen noodles.

Anyway, it became an awesome smoke. It uses a Mexican San Andres wrapper. It’s hand crafted at the William Ventura factory, now very well known for producing a lot of the Room 101s, and of course the Caldwell line of cigars. Very vivacious flavors, very spicy, but also some subtle leather text in there as well. Very subtle, but if you find it, you know you found it.

It comes in that awesome 10 pack. We still have some available. We’ll put a separate link somewhere in there for that. But I love the theme of it. It goes in with the whole dojo kind of theme, but also it’s just a fantastic cigar underneath all that as well.

Undercrown 2019 Dogma

Up next we have, I think, my favorite size of this cigar. We have the Undercrown Dogma. Again, only a size released through Cigar Dojo. It’s a six by 56 in this awesome flat box press here. Still uses the same blend of tobaccos.

You have some Brazilian in there, and then of course, that Mexican San Andres wrapper. Very chocolatey, very rich. I mean, if you’ve smoked the Undercrown, you know, but in this size it just burns really well.

And that secondary band, it just makes it even more picturesque. I just absolutely love visually how this cigar is, and of course the blend itself.

Camacho Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged

If you’re a fan of a rich beer, like a stout, you’re going to love this. This is the Camacho Imperial Stout. So there’s a beer. I think it’s called Oscar Blue, based out of Colorado where Cigar Dojo is based out of. And they created this stout where they aged it in bourbon barrels.

And then when Camacho was creating this cigar, they actually aged that tobacco in the same barrels after the bourbon and the beer had been done in them. It uses a Honduran binder, and then another Mexican San Andres wrapper on here. So you get those really dark, rich notes to it.

Fantastic smoke. I know I use that word a lot, but that’s because some of these cigars are just so good. I don’t do that with B.S. cigars. I only do it with my cigars that I enjoy, and this is one of them. Again, if you like a dark, rich stout, and if you like Camacho, you’re going to positively love this cigar.

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And something a little special for all you folks, if and when, because you’re going to buy it, when you get this sample you’re going to get an extra special treat. Not only are you going to get these four cigars for way below where you’re going to find them anywhere else, you’re going to get this special edition coin, the Room 101 coin.

This was originally slated only to be given out when you bought a pack of the Room 101 Untitled Projects, but we had a few coins left over, so we decided, why not treat you? So if you buy, when you buy this sampler, you’re going to get this limited edition coin.

It has the Dojo logo on the back, “Never smoke alone.” And on the front it has Matt Booth in a bowl of noodles. I mean, what more do you want?

So make sure you click on our link, which is right here, for the top four Cigar Dojo release sampler. Very limited quantities, and check out all our amazing content. And make sure you check out Cigar Dojo’s Smoke Night LIVE this Friday, special guest, Nick Libretti.


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