Top 10 Best Selling JR Alternatives

September 24, 2015

1. Ashton Churchill– If your looking for a long lasting mild cigar for a great price, the Ashton Churchill Alternative is the one for you. Its 7.50 inches of mild, Dominican goodness. Its smooth, creamy with a light nutty taste to it. This is one I would stock up on.

2. Montecristo Dominican #2– One of our biggest sellers, the alternative to this mild torpedo is fantastic. Light and nutty, its Dominican tobacco is the perfect strength. For this price, its no wonder this bundled smoke is so popular. Pick up the Montecristo Dominican #2 right here.

3. Bolivar Belicoso– The Bolivar Belicoso Cuban has been ranked as one of the best cigars in the world. This JR Alternative comes pretty close. It matches in strength and overall flavor. For a fraction of the price, this bundled is ranked up there with the Habano version.

4. Cohiba Robusto– This small smoke sure packs a punch. While not as strong and rich as the Cohiba Edicion Limitada, the Cohiba Robusto was made more for the fan of spice and pepper. A powerful little robusto, this smoke is a really “hot” item.

5. La Gloria Cubana Churchill– A long cigar, with as much flavor as it has size. The La Gloria Churchill runs neck and neck with its delicious and famous Cuban counterpart. Even the name, translating as Cuban glory, represents how great this cigar truly is. The La Gloria Cubana alternative is a must have for big smokers.

6. Montecristo Cuban #2– While the Dominican #2 is great for the light, mild smoker, nothing beets the Cuban Montecristo #2 alternative when it comes to flavor. Its modeled after one of the best and most world renowned cigars and smokers agree, it comes pretty close.

7. Edicion Limitada Cohiba Behike Laguito No 6– Yes its name is a mouthful, but your mouth will be full of sweet, flavor smoke after lighting up one of these. The Cohiba Behike is one of the most sought after Cuban cigars on the market. This Edicion Limitada is one of the most sought after cigars we sell. You do the math…its very good.

8. Edicion Limitada Cohiba Double Corona– Our Edicion Limitada is filled with great, dark, flavorful cigars. The best bang for your buck in terms of size is this beautiful long smoke. The Cohiba Limitada double corona will give you hours of great smoke along with a perfect burn and great overall construction.

9. Edicion Limitada Cohiba Sublime– All we can say about these cigars is already in the name…they are simply Sublime. This full bodied cigar was crafted with the original Cuban sublime in mind. Its flavorful, strong, yet smooth with a great rich taste coming off that dark wrapper.

10.Edicion Limitada Montecristo Edmundo– Cubans are not know for making big ring gauges which is why the 56 ring Edmundo is strange yet highly sought after. Our limited version of this Cuban delicacy, is rich and robust and provides a nice hearty smoke with subtle notes of chocolate and a hint of a spice.


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