Best Tasting Cigars of the Year

January 18, 2018

Premium cigar buffs are all about first-rate flavor. It’s a major factor that sets our favorite handmade masterpieces apart from any other tobacco product. But searching for the best tasting cigars of the year is no easy feat. There are countless cigars released every year in the premium cigar industry, so whether shopping online, or physically at your favorite tobacconist, it’s easy to scratch your head while browsing at all of the expansive selections.

Hopefully we can help with this. We want you to experience the finest sticks available today, so to do so, we’re shinning the light on some of the best tasting cigars of the year! This is a pretty top-line rundown, so don’t be offended if your favorite didn’t make the cut. There’s still plenty of great smokes out there with flavor that will blow you mind (err, palate). But for now, take a peek at these great tasting smokes of 2017:

My Father The Judge

This box-pressed marvel, crafted by the esteemed father and son team of José and Jaime Garcia, is easily one of 2017’s best-tasting smokes. Earning an impressive ranking at number 7 on Cigar Aficionado’s ‘Top 25 Cigars of 2017’ list, it just shows that the My Father brand has done it again. This luxurious smoke provides a decadent blast of cocoa, leather, roasted nuts, and toasted cedar nuances, along with a balanced undertone of well-placed, accompanying spice. Both flavor enthusiasts and ‘My Father’ devotees are sure to love this premium gem, which is guaranteed to enhance any smoking session. All rise, because The Judge here is absolutely one of the best tasting cigars of the year!

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Villiger La Flor de Ynclan

The reinvented La Flor de Ynclan earned an admirable 93-rating in 2017, and now it’s earing my distinction as one of the best tasting cigars of the year! La Flor de Ynclan Robusto uses choice Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers, an Indonesian binder, and a refined Ecuadorian wrapper to deliver a bold rush of rich, aromatic nuances; all of which are seamlessly balanced against its intricate backbone and lively undertone. This cigar took the Villiger brand years to perfect, and the result is certainly worth the consideration of any full-flavored enthusiast!

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Flor de las Antillas Maduro

Since I’m on the subject of My Father, I figured I’d let you in on this flavorful little Maduro. This probably isn’t fair, to cite the My Father brand twice— but I know I’ve done it before for other brands, so I’m really just being an equal opportunist. The award-winning debut of Flor de las Antillas is also one of the best tasting cigars of the year, using a high-quality leaf, and lush medley of full-bodied tobaccos.  With its masterfully blended profile of cocoa, spice, cedar and dried fruits, this great tasting cigar was just too good to omit.

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H. Upmann by AJ Fernandez

This inspired Nicaraguan puro is the collaborative result of the legendary H. Upmann brand, and one of today’s best master blenders, AJ Fernandez. This medium-to-full bodied delight is loaded to the teeth with luxurious flavors and tender aroma. Rich, creamy sweetness is masterfully layered with invigorating notes of dark roasted coffee beans, hazelnut, toasted cedar, and subtle hints of spice— culminating in an elegant, and extremely flavorful premium blend! H. Upmann was back in full-swing in 2017, thanks in part to one of the year’s best tasting cigars!

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Foundation El Gueguense Maduro

A list of the year’s best tasting cigars isn’t complete without a great selection for the full-bodied connoisseur. Foundation Cigar’s El Gueguense Maduro is bold, robust, and just a wonderful smoke overall. Boasting impeccable construction, its first-rate mix of long-filler tobaccos is augmented by the use of a vintage binder, and a stunningly-dark Corojo wrapper. It’s vigorous profile is one of the best of the year, though certainly not for the faint at heart. But full-flavored enthusiasts and seasoned aficionados take note— because this Maduro is hands-down one of the year’s best tasting cigars!

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