Quick Smoking Tips & “How To” Cigar Videos

June 22, 2015


A perfect jumping off point for beginners and newcomers, JR Cigar’s collection of “cigar smoking tips” videos will show you all you need to know to get started. A definitive guide developed by our expert staff, you’ll learn everything about proper cigar cutting techniques, lighting methods, smoking ideals and the significant benefits of cigar storage. JR’s very own Corporate Training Manager, Steve Nathan, gladly walks you through these and other essentials, so you’ll get the most out of your smoking experience each and every time. If you don’t know how to smoke a cigar, but are itching to try – check out these helpful “How To” videos!

How to Smoke a Dry-Cured Cigar

How to Relight Your Cigar

How to Store Your Cigars While Traveling

How to Light Your Cigars

How to Cut a Cigar with a Guillotine Cutter and a Doublebladed Cutter

How to Cut a Cigar with a Bullet Cutter

How to Cut a Cigar with a “V” Cutter


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