How to Properly Cut a Cigar with a V-Cutter

June 3, 2022

One essential part of smoking a cigar is to cut the cap of whatever you’re smoking. We’ve had other articles discussing the proper way to cut a cigar with a guillotine cutter and how to punch cut a cigar properly. Today we’re going over a cutting style that has gained popularity among novice and aficionado smokers alike. We’ll be talking about the correct ways of cutting a cigar with a V-Cutter.

I can only assume cutters weren’t around when cigars first were created. But with the cigar boom in the 90s, I can once again assume that cigar accessories were a hot commodity as well.

Originally V-Cut cigars were designed to cut pyramid-shaped cigars, yet most smokers use them to cut cigars such as Toros, Robustos, or Corona-shaped cigars.

V-Cut cigar cutters are just what they sound like. V-Cut cutters’ main objective is to create a “V Shape” slice within the top of the cigar. This was also designed to create better airflow for your smoking experience.

Mastering the art of cutting a cigar will take some time. When I was a new cigar smoker, I had a straight cut with a back to it, so it gave me the “perfect cut”. Most people lay Guillotine and V-Cutters on a flat surface to ensure the same result. However, if you’re comfortable in your ability to cut a cigar without using a surface, then more power to you!

Once you place the top part of the cigar, or the “cap” of the cigar, in the V-Cut, make sure it’s snug. Once the cigar is firmly in the cutter, clamp the cigar cutter down on the cigar to cut it. You’ll need to use some muscle behind this motion depending on the size of the cap.

Once you’ve cut the cigar, release the blade from the cigar and examine your work. I have found it almost impossible to mess up a V-Cut. To me, the V-Cut is one cutter that really does most of the work for you if you place it perfectly in the cutter.

V-Cut is also a cutter that cuts the deepest out of the three popular cutters. On average, it cuts off an eighth of an inch.

Another final note on using a V-Cutter, or any cutter for that matter, is to make sure the cap and wrapper aren’t damaged. You don’t want to clamp down on the cutter and cigar too rough because your smoking experience is ruined even before you’ve lit the cigar.

I suggest every smoker try different cutting styles to determine what cutter is best for their smoking experience. You’ll be having a different smoking experience if you use a guillotine cutter, punch cutter, and a V-Cutter.

It’s all about what you prefer, but if you’re looking for any piece of advice, try them all so you can see what the experience is about.

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