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June 22, 2015

Cigar Gift Ideas

Finding a great gift for your favorite aficionado can be a daunting task if you don’t have much experience with cigars. Although a new brand will always make for a superb gift, accessories can often be more useful over a longer period of time. With this guide, we will help you find smoking fixtures that make welcomed presents whether the person is a cigar newbie or seasoned veteran.


If your cigar lover is still storing his or her pricey collections in Ziploc baggies tossed into an old cooler, deliver a good humidor ASAP! You’ll be helping your friend’s smokes stay flavorful and moist for one box after the next. JR Cigars has just about any type of humidor a smoker could want in a wide range of prices. For example, the Adirondack Humidor has everything a new smoker needs to get started and sells for under $100. This wood humidor holds 100 cigars and includes a hygrometer and humidifier. What’s more, the exterior blends rustic touches with polish to create a manly gift that is truly classy.

For the frequent fliers who won’t leave home without stogies, the Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor lets them ride in style. This camouflage hard case is able to hold fifteen cigars at a time. The best part – it’s under $25.


If your cigar loving friend has a drawer full of cheap cutters that mangle his smokes, gift him with a quality instrument like the ones made by Colibri. For example, this cigar cutter is made from stainless steel and is capable of capping any cigar smaller than a 64-ring. It’s durable enough to last for years and, what’s more, is incredibly handsome. Any man or woman should feel proud to pull this out during their next social outing when cigars are about to be lit.


A cigar without a lighter is like a diamond ring without a finger; it’s a match made in heaven! Don’t even think of ruining a fine cigar by lighting it with a Bic. Torch lighters like the Colibri Monza III are specially designed to light a cigar with a triple flame that is impervious to the wind.

Your options are limited to simplistically chic motifs, of course. Amongst our collection of cigar lighters are bright colors, elaborate prints and modernly untraditional shapes. These quality pieces are not only practical, but serve as an excellent conversation piece when conversing with strangers. Trust us, an eye-catching lighter won’t go unnoticed!


Having a group of friends over to enjoy a few fine cigars can make for an evening of good times, but also a morning of butts floating in drinking cups and ashes all over the rug. That’s why your cigar lover needs the Stinky Cigar Large Ashtray. This iron ashtray can support up to four cigars at once while catching all the ashes before they can wind up scattered around the house. Priced under $20, this is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Cigar Cases

Sharing an impromptu smoke is a great way to unwind after a long day or make new friends. Of course you’re your friend wants to enjoy your favorite stick while away from home, (s)he may be out of luck unless you present a cigar case. Much more compact and portable than a full humidor or box, these attractive holders hold two to three apiece. With brown and black leathers, these cigar cases can proudly be shown off at work functions or fancy establishments.

When purchasing a gift for a cigar enthusiast, make sure you know what accessories they have beforehand. The best gifts are the ones that they will every time they partake in this hobby.


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