Parts of a Cigar | Wrapper, Binder and Filler

June 22, 2015

Lesson 1: Cigar Parts

Cigar Wrapper

The wrapper is the most important and most expensive part of a cigar. Typically grown under a gauze tent (shade) to prevent the leaf from growing too thick,
the wrapper must be smooth and have very few veins. The majority of a cigar’s flavor is derived from the wrapper.

Cigar Binder

Binders usually come from the bottom part of the plant, where the leaves are thicker and have more strength. These leaves usually have little or no flavor.

Cigar Filler

The filler can be from any part of the tobacco plant. The top of the plant usually produces the strongest flavor, while the bottom produces the tobacco with the best burning properties. Most cigars have blended fillers (fillers from varying parts of the plant and varying sources) to achieve the desired taste and optimum burning qualities.


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