Why Smokers Love Swisher Sweets

November 9, 2015

One of the world’s best-selling smokes for many decades, the Swisher Sweets brand has captivated the hearts and palates of everyday smokers with their unique blend of quality tobaccos and delicious flavors. While the industry focuses heavily on the premium handmade market, there is still a huge audience for machine made cigars, and Swisher is one of those companies that keep this segment thriving. Using the finest natural and artificial flavors, they all produce a very mild, easy, and sweet tasting smoke.

Since 1958, America’s number one selling domestic, the original Swisher Sweet has been the “go-to” cigar for millions of smokers. For that ideal quick stogy break, nothing beats the Swisher Mini Cigarillo or the 5 for 3 Cigarillo Coronellas. These thin machine made cigars have that signature sweet and natural tobacco taste that makes this brand so irresistible. 

Enthusiasts who enjoy a more conventional size will find the Swisher Sweets Giants, and the 5 x 40 King more to their liking. These Lonsdale and Corona shaped cigars have the same great flavor in a bigger package.

Nothing beats those classic old Cuban shapes, and the famous Swisher Sweets Perfecto, and the Blunt are true classics. Both of these larger ring figurados will take you back to a time when the Habano cigar ruled the world.

For that pure and clean tobacco taste, the Swisher Sweets Tip Cigarillo is sure to delight. The sturdy plastic tip keeps the smoke cool and delightfully smooth, and the lumber mouthpiece on the Wood Tips adds a unique vibrantly refreshing taste that gently lingers on the palate.

For those with a sweet tooth, Swisher kills it in the flavor department with the Cigarillos Blueberry, and Grape. These 4 x 30 beauties offer all of the taste and aroma of a pipe without having to pack tamp and relight the damn thing a million times.

Finally, all of you Cool Hand Luke wannabes will love the Swisher Outlaws line. The original is a rugged-looking all tobacco Honduran, and the Outlaws Rum will have you painting the town red with its luscious warm, sweet whiskey flavor.


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