Why Smoke a Small-Size Stogie?

February 23, 2016

In Europe, little stogies are all the rage and there is no shortage when it comes to cigarillo-sized brands, as this size is a handy solution for a quick smoke when time is of the essence. In America, on the other hand, cigar smokers favor full-sized premium stogies, so even in a pinch, they’d often rather rest a half smoked stick in the ashtray than enjoy a small European-style cigar in its entirety.

If you are a stickler about smoking only hand-rolled cigars, be warned that cigarillos may be a stretch for you. But once you realize how these little gems come in handy when time is short, you may just find them the perfect “tweener”until you’re able to negotiate that fat-ringed Toro in your humidor. Below is a list of some great little stogies that are all the rage right here, across the pond, and beyond. We suggest that you keep a few handy for those impromptu occasions when you only have time for a delicious seven-to-fifteen minute smoke.

The famous Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Silver cigars ain’t cheap but they sure are good! An expertly selected long-filler recipe of top-quality tobaccos produces a light-bodied smoking experience along with a decadent sweet aroma. Finished in a silky Ecuadorian wrapper leaf, Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Silver cigars offer premium handmade style and mellow sophistication in a sleek shape maximized for optimum enjoyment in a short amount of time.

The ideal quickie smoke, Al Capone Pockets cigars, are tasty dry-cured smokes made by the famous Dannemann family in Germany and named for the notorious gangster. These little dry-cured stogies are sweet, full-flavored, and offer tons of taste in the span of just a few moments.

Geraldo Dannemann created this brand bearing his name in 1873 and, today, these famous all-tobacco, dry-cured stogies feature primarily Sumatran and Brazilian tobaccos. Our top-of-the-line Dannemann Moods Filter cigars feature mild, mellow, and rich tobacco flavors and are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of good coffee.

Havana Honeys cigars are one of the top-selling flavored stogies available today. These affordable little devils come fashioned with aged Dominican long-filler leaf, and binder and wrapper tobaccos from the fertile Sumatra region of Indonesia. These highly aromatic little smokes deliver a scrumptious array of delectable flavors, all imbued with a distinctive touch of honey.


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